Keen on Crafts

Hi to all the Keen on Crafters’ out there


We have been overwhelmed with calls and e-mails requesting dates or the next KEEN ON CRAFTS WORKSHOPS.


We have decided to officially stop with KEEN ON CRAFTS.  This was no easy or quick decision for us.

Due to family and work commitments getting the better of us, unfortunately there is just not enough hours in the day and night anymore!


We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped behind and in front of the screens to make this a truly unforgettable experience:

From the teachers who believed in our ‘vision’ and who gave selflessly to enrich all our lives and exposed so many people to the things they love to doe – you know who we wouldn’t have been able to pull this off without you!

To Owen at Craftwise for noticing what we were trying to do that first year at the Riverclub in Cape Town and getting on board as the Media partner.


And most importantly:  To all of you who attended the workshop and opened your hearts and minds and shared this wonderful experience with us … and believe us there were more than just a few die-hards who have been with us from the start J

It was wonderful being able to meet so many like-minded people.  We would like to thank all of you for playing an active part in keeping crafts alive!!


Over the last 6 years a much talked about vision become a reality and we were fortunate enough to be part of it.  The process was an amazing experience for us and we will always treasure the memories.


On an official note:  We are keeping the KEEN ON CRAFTS name with all the rights that it entails, which means that nobody is allowed to use it.

Who knows what these brains might cook up next J

Although presenting a workshop is not unique, BUT presenting many hands-on workshops simultaneously under 1 roof was a 1st and unique to KEEN ON CRAFTS.




Linette and Elmarie




Owen from Craftwise/Tucats Media joined forces with Hobby-X to present a show and workshops end July in Pretoria.

If you would like more info, send an e-mail to: