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I discovered in 2011 a new Proth prime divider of a general Fermat number using Yves Gallot's program
The prime 463507*2^34186 + 1 divides 6^(2^34185) + 1

I discovered on 2006/06/30 a new Proth prime using Yves Gallot's program
The prime is 49*(2^501238) + 1 and it has 150890 digits.
This prime is also a generalized Fermat as it divides 10^(2^501235) + 3^(2^501235)

Recently in 2008 I discovered a new prime 67*2^684258 + 1 with 205985 digits.

On 2008-09-09 I discovered a twin prime pair 16491*(2^70151)+ 1 and 16491*(2^70151) - 1
which is currently one of the largest twin prime pair found so far

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Page one

Where I grew up. The farm Bonfoi near Stellenbosch in the Cape Province South Africa.
A Wine farm as one can only wish for.
If you have Google Earth click here and then open with Google Earth if you want to see where Bonfoi is.
On a map you will find Bonfoi at 33D 56' 30.41'' S and 18D 46' 28.91'' E

57.jpg: Where I grew up

My grandfather Johannes bought the farm. My father Christoff made wine on it
and after his death my brother Johannes has taken over the making of Bonfoi's fine wines.

Have a look at the fine wines of Johannes

51.jpg: my father

My dad Christoff above with his wine. He had four sons and one daughter.
Me, Christoff, Tinie, Marise and Johannes.
Christoff died at age nine.
The image below is of me , Johannes and Tinie.

30.jpg: The brothers

I finished school , studied for engineer and then I met this lovely lady below. Her name is Hanlie and she is a Namibier.

24.jpg: hanlie

I went to work as an electronics engineer for Telkom in Pretoria and then got married.

19.jpg: married us two

Me and Hanlie soon had a family of our own. My oldest two sons Christoff and

dc.jpg: dirk and christoff

Then my youngest were born in 2004,
Klein Careltjie

kcarel.jpg: Klein Carel

We go to our holiday home in Yzerfontein at the West Coast North of Koeberg every December. A lovely place to be.
If you have Google Earth click here and then open with Google Earth if you want to see where Yzerfontein is.
Below Hanlie and my son Christoff on the stoep of our home named Serendipity in Yzerfontein.

h106.jpg: hanlie at Yzerfontein

Below a photo taken in 2007. We have aged somewhat over the years.

fam.jpg: Family photo of us

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