"I do not ask you to love and admire her
as much as I love and admire her. I would become jealous
of you, and we would have our difficulties.
But if you will accord her just half
of my feelings, then this evening,
mesdames et messieurs,
this grand evening, Paris will embrace,
Paris will love - the one and only -
Marlene Dietrich!"

Maurice Chevalier

Miss Dietrich opened at the Theatre de l'Etoile in November, 1959 to an audience which included Orson Welles and Jean Cocteau. She was introduced by Maurice Chevalier. It was in Paris where Marlene first sang Ou Sont Les Fleurs? When Dietrich returned to Paris in 1962 to play the Olympia, she recorded this song along with Gilbert Becaud's beautiful ballad Marie-Marie; and Dejeuner du Matin and Cherche la Rose.