1953"Christmas came early to Las Vegas," wrote columnist Hedda Hopper of Marlene Dietrich's first Las Vegas saloon-singing appearance in 1953. This engagement heralded the start whole new era in Miss Dietrich's career: with few film offers forthcoming in the post-war era, Dietrich returned to the stage, where she would shimmer brightly for the next quarter of a century.

Bill Miller of the Sahara Hotel had offered Marlene $25 000 a week to sing at his hotel's Congo Room, an offer she could not refuse. Her dresses were made by the inimitable Jean Louis, and Peter Matz was musical director.

When Miss Dietrich returned the following year, Time Magazine noted, "Marlene strayed blithely off key, to nobody's discomfort, in such trademarked barroom ballads as ... See What the Boys in the Back Room Will Have. The Sahara's front room was packed with boys of all ages who had what they wanted right there."

Marlene continued to perform in Las Vegas regularly, calling it "a town I like very much. It's a gay town, and your heart feels light there. And it's fun there. It's Las Vegas!"