I was brought up to be useful and always to do something useful. The biggest misconception of us moderns regarding attractiveness is that one can't look attractive and at the same time clean house, wash dishes and do everything that millions of women worldwide do every day of their lives. Naturally, every housewife can look charming, attractive, tempting, etc. - but why would she want to? In my case? It happens to be my job.

What makes most women fail in their quest for that etheral allure? In America, I would say, insecurity about their own judgement. Before an American woman can feel she is well-dressed, somebody has to compliment her. She needs the stamp of approval from others, or she immediately thinks: "I have made a mistake!" That is where she's wrong. A person's individuality doesn't come forth properly if you follow a fixed pattern; yet today's woman has to follow such a pattern to make her feel safe.

If I weren't an actress, I would have become a doctor. I'm also totally prepared to go quite happily through life without a career!

I live simply. When I'm working, I enjoy attending concerts and opening nights. Otherwise, I pass time reading - two or three books a week - and tending grandchildren. One wants to do so much for the children, but there is so pitifully little one can do You can look after their health and give them the basic values and morals in which you believe yourself. You can hide the sweets on the highest shelf in the kitchen. Apart from that, the do what they want to in any case, not so?

I find books much more interesting than people - excluding, of course, people who write those books. I love writers: Ernst Hemingway will always be a great favourite!

Things which bore me? Stupidity. Superficiality. People who don't know their jobs.

What makes me happiest? Imagination. Competency. Those who know their jobs (whichever kind) and do them well.