Through life and all it's struggles
Your love we always found
Within your every footstep
What glory was earthbound

Your heart the perfect answer
To love in life we sought
For you were all the goodness
That life for us had brought

A Mother's love so tender
With love that always stays
It's with us now forever
I very special ways

We see you in a garden
A flower bright and fair
Velvet drenched in dew drops
Your beauty always there

Within the warmth of memories
These treasures they remain
Holding on with all our love
It's beauty that we gain

For in our life you'll be there
In every waking day
A smile that we remember
For love won't fade away

Each day in life we miss you
But yet we know your near
A mother's heart is present
In each one she left here

Amazing grace bestow us
With love from way on high
With wings of love now flowing
From gardens in the sky.

~ Francine Pucillo ~

Copyright November 18, 2003








"Amazing Grace" Performed by BJ

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