Is the 'Belgian' the Right Dog for You ?

The Belgian Shepherd is an alert and very exuberant dog of High intelligence but not necessarily a breed that suits everyone.

The following questions will help you in deciding if the breed characteristics of the ‘Belgian’ makes him the right breed for you and your family.  

If after reading this you consider that a ‘Belgian’ may be the type of dog that you are looking for then we look forward to hearing from you.  

Are you serious about getting a new Dog ?

A new dog means added responsibilities. When you bring a ‘Belgian’ into your home you not only have to make a commitment to raise and train him as a young dog but also to care for him throughout his life span of 12 to 14 or even 16 years.

What type of dog is the ‘Belgian’ ?

The Belgian Shepherd is a medium sized dog of natural build, and can be suitable for a wide range of activities.

The breed’s responsiveness and tendency to form a strong bond with its owner makes this the perfect breed for people who thrive on close interaction with their animals. However, people who can not cope with an enthusiastic dog are advised to rather look for a more placid breed. 

In the working environment this close bond is very useful in training the dog to perform the required tasks which he does with speed and enthusiasm.

In the family environment the dog will be devoted to it’s pack - both a loyal friend and protector – provided that the owners are willing to nurture and develop this behavior.

Do You Have the Time to Socialize and Train Your ‘Belgian’?

The ‘Belgian’ is an active, intelligent, and fun loving dog that requires early exposure to different people and dogs so that he will be accepting of new situations later in life.

‘Belgians’ need mental stimulation to develop to their full potential and training is therefore highly recommended. A puppy socialization or baby puppy class is recommended for your new puppy. Formal obedience training in a group obedience class will also help your ‘Belgian’ to become a welcome member of society.

Do You Want a Dog Living in Your House?

‘Belgians’ are ‘clean’ dogs in that their coats are not smelly nor oily but like most dogs they do shed hair from time to time.

The ‘Belgian’ develops a very strong attachment toward the people in his life. He normally does not do well in a kennel situation and is at his best when allowed to become a member of the family.

Can you Afford a Dog?

A new dog is a lifetime commitment and the cost of his care is a necessary consideration.  Will your budget allow for the cost of food and veterinary care including annual veterinary visits for preventative vaccinations and physical exams?

Is a Puppy the Right Choice For You?

Many individuals who do not have adequate time or desire to raise, socialize, and train a young puppy, may prefer to start with an older puppy or young adult.

Adult dogs may be available through the Club's Breed Rescue Scheme and breeders sometimes have older puppies or young adults available that would make wonderful loyal pets and companions. If you don't have the extra time and energy necessary to raise a puppy then you could consider an adult ‘Belgian’

Is your Property adequately Fenced ?

The ‘Belgian’ is an active dog that likes to play and needs daily exercise.

Short daily walks will not satisfy him and a properly fenced area is necessary to provide a safe area for you to exercise your dog and for him to exercise himself.

Will a ‘Belgian’ fit into your lifestyle ?

How many hours a day will your dog be left alone?

Whilst the Belgian’s high activity level and keen intelligence are characteristics that make the dog exciting to own, these are also traits that can cause problems if the dog gets bored.

Most people must leave their dog(s) alone during working hours while they go to their jobs but the successful owner will make adequate time available for interaction with his or her pet to ensure that the dog’s energies are channeled into a positive direction.

However, if you do not have the time and are already over committed in other areas then perhaps this is not a good time to be considering a dog at all.

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