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SABBAT A specific celebration in the Wiccan/Pagan tradition. There are eight Sabbats in a year. Four occur on the Solstices of a year and are called the Greater Sabbats. The other four occur on the Equinoxes and are called the Lesser Sabbats.
SACRIFICE In primitive religions (Christianity of the first Testament included) a live animal would be sacrificed to a particular deity by the ritual killing thereof at an altar. This is not an accepted practice in Witchcraft, Wicca or any modern Pagan path or tradition.
SAGITTARIUS The 9th sign of the zodiac. Symbolized by the Centaur Archer, is a Fire sign and is ruled by Jupiter.
SAINT JOHN'S WORT A healing herb associated with magic and Witchcraft. Also called St. John's Plant or herb and Mugwort.
SALAMANDER The traditional name for an Elemental (q.v.) spirit of the nature of the Fire element.
SALT Used in many magical procedures, including Wiccan, as a kind of spiritual antiseptic, or purifying symbol.
SAMHAIN One of the eight Sabbats which is celebrated on or around 31 October. It is a festival which celebrates the end of summer. Also known as Halloween.
SCORPIO The 8th sign of the zodiac. Symbolized by the Scorpion, is a Water sign and is ruled by Mars and Pluto.
SCOURGE A ritual whip symbolizing firmness, in balance with the Wand which symbolizes mercy. Most ritual scourges are quite harmless, made for example with silk thongs.
SCRYING A method of divination by staring at something like a crystal ball or black mirror. Other popular objects for scrying are incense smoke, flames and pools of water or ink.
SEPHIRA (plural Sephiroth) Any one of the ten spheres on the Tree of Life, the central concept of the Cabala.
SHADOW The buried, unconscious elements of the human psyche; everything except the Ego and the Persona.
SHAMAN / SHAMANESS A priest or priestess who communicates with the inner planes by self-induced trance. Obtaining knowledge of the subtler dimensions of the Earth, during these periods of alternate states of consciousness. Usually ritualistic or magical in nature, sometimes religious.
SHAPESHIFTING The act of transforming from human into animal or mystical creature and vice-versa.
SIGIL In Ceremonial Magic, an image that symbolizes a specific spirit, deity, angel or supernatural being.
SIMPLE FEAST It is the ritual meal shared with the Goddess and God.
SKYCLAD The term used for ritual nudity. It is considered by some that clothing may hinder magickal energies. Being nude is not a requirements and up to the individual who wishes to practice so in private or trusted coven.
SKYFATHER Used in many Native American belief systems. Commonly used in conjunction with the Earth Mother.
SMUDGING The practice of waving smoldering incense or herb bundle about an individual or area to cleanse or purify. It was adopted from Native Americans.
SOLAR ECLIPSE Emblem of the God in his aspects of Dark Lord, Lord of Shadows, Death, Chaos, Resurrection, Hunter, and Leader of the Wild Hunt.
SOLITARY A term used to describe a Witch who practices the Craft without belonging to a coven.
SOUL-MATES Individuals who are continuously involved with each other in successive Incarnations, becoming rather like a pair of binary stars.
SPELL The collection of energy which is directed by word in prayer form to achieve a goal. This may include elaborate, ceremonial or simple ritual.
SPIRITS OF THE STONES,THE The elemental energies naturally inherent at the four directions of the Magic Circle.
SPIRITUALISM The belief that the spirits of the deceased are able to communicate with the living through a person known as a medium or by other means.
STARGAZING See: Astrology
STONEHENGE A prehistoric ceremonial ruin and one of the most famous and controversial megalithic sites in the world. It forms a magical circle and is aligned with certain celestial constellations.
SUMMERLANDS A spiritualist word for the Heaven which souls enter after death. Often used by believers in Reincarnation to denote the astral stage of rest after physical death.
SUMMONER The male officer of the coven who corresponds to the Maiden. He is the assistant High Priest
SUN The symbol of the Horned God, the sun is an ancient symbol of yang energy and the masculine forces of nature.
SUN SIGN The sign of the zodiac that a person is born under.
SWORD One of the four elemental tools, representing the Fire element or in some traditions, the Air Sylph The traditional name for an Elemental spirit of the nature of the Air element.
SYLPH an "entity" or "elemental" that dwells in the plane of Air or is associated with the AIR Element.
TALISMAN An object, usually worn as jewelry, which has been charged with specific energy for a specific purpose.
TANTRA An Eastern system of spiritual development through sexual energy.
TAROT A deck of 78 cards used for reading the past, present, future and fortune. It is divided into two parts; Major Arcana and Minor Arcana.
TAURUS The 2nd sign of the zodiac. Symbolized by the Bull, is an Earth sign, and is ruled by Venus.
TELEKINESIS The power of moving physical objects by purely psychic effort.
THEISM Belief in the existence of Gods and Goddesses. Monotheism is the belief in a single God figure and Polytheism is the belief in multiple Gods and Goddesses. Atheism is the non-belief in Gods and Goddesses.
THIRD EYE The 6th of the seven chakras situated between the eyes; the body's highest source of power and clairvoyant vision. This is also the Major Chakra.
THREEFOLD LAW The law that any act will return with three times the energy of the original act in the same or a future life.
TRADITIONS A formalized path with set rules or laws as well as specific formalized rituals.
TREE OF LIFE The central glyph or diagram of the Cabala. It consists of ten interconnected spheres of Sephiroth, each representing a category of cosmic being and activity.
TRILITHON A stone arch made from two upright slabs with one lying atop these. Trilithons are featured in Stonehenge.
TRIPLE GODDESS A Goddess trinity having three different aspects and names, usually corresponding to the phases of the moon.
TUATHAL The Gaelic equivalent of Widdershins.
TURNING OF THE WHEEL Passing of the seasons of the Sabbats.
TWIN SOULS See: Soul-Mates.
UNCONSCIOUS That part of the human psyche not directly available to the conscious Ego. It comprises the Collective Unconscious, and the Personal Unconscious.
UNDERWORLD In various religions, it is a region conceived to be below the surface of the Earth and separate from the world of the living where souls go after death; the world of the dead.
UNDINE An "entity" or "elemental" that dwells in the plane of Water or is associated with the WATER Element. Also known as nymphs, mermaids or oceanides.
VAMPIRISM The draining of psychic energy from one individual by another.
VERNAL EQUINOX Another name for the Spring Equinox.
VERVAIN A magical plant believed to possess the power to cure grief.
VIRGO The 6th sign of the zodiac. Symbolized by the Virgin, is an Earth sign and is ruled by Mercury.
VISION An altered state of consciousness in which a sacred image is perceived.
VISION QUEST It is the use of astral projection to accomplish a specific goal. Also known as Pathworking.
VISION QUESTING Using astral projection or dream time to accomplish a specific goal.
VISUALIZATION The process of picturing something in your minds eye. This process is used to direct the projected energy to achieve the goal you set.
VOIDING THE COVEN The stage where a new coven refrains from working magically with the coven from which it hived off, until its own identity is firmly established.
WAND A staff which is used to direct energy in rituals. Though traditionally made of wood, crystal and various metals are also used. Each wand is individualistic with the makers' own magickal symbols or character.
WARDING A word used for the art of protection magic.
WARLOCK A derogatory term for someone who has betrayed the craft and/or uses their skill for evil/negative purposes. Contrary to popular belief it is not the term for a male witch who remains just that, a witch.
WATCH TOWERS Originally from the Enochian branch of Ceremonial Magick, now incorporated into many "Traditions" of Wicca, these are the four elemental "directions" or "quarters" (corresponding to the appropriate points on the compass) called to protect the Circle during its establishment. Each of them have a correspondence between the compass point, an element, and (varying amongst different traditions) color associated with them.
WATER One of the four ancient elements that correspond to the West. The spirits of Water are known as Undines.
WATER SIGNS The three signs of the zodiac attributed to Water - Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio.
WEBWEAVING Networking with other magickal people through conversation, in writing, or by computer to gather information to mutually assist each other in their studies and life goals.
WHEEL OF THE YEAR A term used by Witches to mean one complete cycle of the seasonal year, usually starting with Samhain.
WICCA In Old English meant "a male witch" and wicce "a female witch". The Old English for witchcraft was wiccacraeft. Thought by some to have originated from the Anglo-Saxon word "wicce" which means to bend or shape. A contemporary Pagan religion with spiritual roots in Shamanism and the earliest expressions of reverence of nature. In more modern times this term is accepted for any person following any of the nature based Pagan beliefs honoring the Goddess and the God.
WICCAN A follower of Wicca.
WICCAN REDE, THE The simple rule of Wiccans which states "An harm ye none, do what ye will." This is not the entire rede, but the essence thereof. See the poetry page for the entire Rede.
WICCANING In Wicca, the ritual blessing of a newly born baby; the witches' equivalent of a christening, except that it is not intended to commit the child permanently to any one path.
WIDDERSHINS Counter clock-wise movement. The opposite of deosil. Normally used in banishing rituals.
WINTER SOLSTICE Another term for the Sabbat of Yule.
WITCH Any person who practices magick to achieve there goals. By this understanding, not all Witches are Wiccan and not all Wiccan are Witches. The term is used for both male and female practitioners. A male witch is not called a Warlock (See: Warlock). Also, anciently, a European practitioner of the remnants of pre-Christian folk magic, particularly that relating to herbs, healing, wells, rivers and stones.
WITCH BOTTLE Any glass bottle or jar which is filled with variety of objects, charged with magical power and used for protection, love, etc.
WITCH QUEEN A High Priestess from whose coven at least two other covens have hived off.
WITCHCRAFT The art of using magick to achieve set goals in conjunction with natural energies and correspondences.
WITCHES’ LADDER A string of forty beads, or a cord with forty knots, used (like a rosary) as an aid to concentrated repetition without the distraction of actual counting.
WITCHES’ RUNE A power-raising chant accompanied by a ring dance.
YANG In Taoism, the active, masculine and positive cosmic principle that is opposite but always complimentary to Yin.
YARROW A medicinal and culinary herb long associated with the practice of Witchcraft.
YIN In Taoism, the passive, feminine and negative cosmic principle that is opposite by always complimentary to Yang.
YULE One of the eight Sabbats celebrated on or around 23 December. This festival celebrates the Winter Solstice when the God is reborn from the Goddess.
YULE LOG A log ritually burned at Yule to mark the death of winter and the birth of the sun.
ZODIAC An invisible circular band in the sky through which the planets are seen to move. Divided into 12 sections called zodiac signs.

An harm ye none, do what ye will.
Blessed Be!