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LABRYS A double-headed axe which symbolized the Goddess in ancient Crete, still used by some Wiccans for this same purpose. The labrys may be placed on the left side of the altar.
LADY A term of respect for a Priestess or the Goddess.
LAMMAS One of the eight Sabbats which is usually celebrated on or around 1 August. Lammas celebrates the first fruits of a harvest and the transition of the Threefold Goddess from Mother to Crone. This festival is also known as Lughnasadh (LOOna-sa), which is the Celtic naming for "Festival of Lugh" ad honors the Celtic God of Light (Lugh = light).
LEFT-BRAIN FUNCTION Anything related to logical, mathematical and analytical functions. The left hemisphere of the brain controls the right side of the body. Compare to: Right-Brain Function
LEFT-HAND PATH Used for any witch who uses their craft for own gain and/or willfully hurting others.
LEO The 5th sign of the zodiac. Symbolized by the lion, is a Fire sign, and is ruled by the Sun.
LIBATION Water or wine that is poured on an alter, the ground or on a sacred fire as an offering to the Goddess, Horned God or other Deity.
LIBRA The 7th sign in the zodiac. Symbolized by the Scales, is an Air sign, and is ruled by Venus.
LIGHT POWER Generally positive energies drawn from the Light Aspects of the Goddess and the God.
LITHA It is one of the eights Sabbats and is usually celebrated on or around 21 June. It is a festival which celebrates the Summer Solstice. It is also known a Midsummer.
LUGH An early Celtic sun God. Lughnasadh was originated by the druids to give homage to this God.
LUNAR ECLIPSE Emblem of the Goddess in her dark aspect as Crone, Tomb/Womb, and Transformer.
MABON This is one of the eight Sabbats usually celebrated on or around 21 September. This festival celebrates the Autumn Equinox.
MACROCOSM The Cosmos as a whole, in relation to the Microcosm, its detailed manifestation (human in particular).
MAGIC The accepted term for "stage magic" or "cheating the eye" tricks.
MAGICK The accepted term for the control of natural forces or energies to achieve positive goals. The "k" was presumably added by Aleister Crowley to differentiate from the stage arts of trickery or "cheating the eye" performance arts.
MAGUS In Wiccan usage, a second-degree or third degree male witch. A male occult adept.
MAIDEN The term has two meanings depending on context. In one a maiden could be the first aspect of the Triple Goddess (Maiden, Mother, Crone). In another, a maiden would be that female assistant to the High Priestess who may also sometimes stand in for the High Priestess in her absence.
MANDRAKE A poisonous plant associated with medieval Witchcraft.
MANNUZ (Mah-n,) the Self as part of the Universe and the Divine.
MEDICINE MAN Another naming for a Shaman or Witch Doctor.
MEDITATION That state of calmness and relaxation into which a person drifts by clearing the mind and body of stress and negativity. When meditating a person would contemplate and reflect on the tranquilities of life on a physical and higher plane.
MEGALITH A huge stone monument or structure. Stonehenge is perhaps the best-known example of megalithic construction.
MENHIR A standing stone probably lifted by early peoples for religious, spiritual or magical reasons.
MICROCOSM See: Macrocosm.
MIGHTY ONES Are thought to be either spiritually evolved beings, once human, or spiritual entities created by or charged by the Goddess and God to protect the Earth. Beings, deities or presences often Invoked during Wiccan ceremony to witness or guard the rituals.
MISTLETOE Sacred to the God Apollo, a parasitic plant associated with the oak tree.
MOJO BAG A small leather or flannel bag filled with a variety of magical items and carried or worn as a charm to attract or dispel certain influences.
MOON The planetary ruler of Cancer. The Moon holds dominion over emotions, instinctive reactions and personality. It is the second most important planet next to the Sun.
MOONCHILD A person born under the sign of Cancer.
MOTHER The second aspect of the Triple Goddess. Corresponds to the Full moon and represents fertility, nurturing, creation, protection, increased wisdom and peak of power.
MUGWORT An herb associated with Witchcraft and healing. Also known as "St. John's plant".
NECROMANCY Calling up the dead by Magick.
NEOPAGAN A person who practices modern Paganism. Contrary to some beliefs it is not a new Pagan. Any person who follow any of the new traditions or paths or even creates another (newer) one can be considered a neopagan.
NEOPHYTE Postulant, a newcomer to the coven, awaiting initiation. Newcomers / beginners are also known as Wiclets on the arwm newsgroup.
NEW MOON Lunar phase symbolizing the Goddess in her aspect of Crone; Dark Lady, and Wisdom.
NUMEROLOGY An ancient method of divination that analyzes the symbolism of numbers and ascribes a numerical value to the letters of the alphabet. A common use when choosing a Craft name or coven name. Also used for divining future and fate.
OAK KING See: Holly King
OGHAM An ancient Celtic system of divination popular amongst many Witches. Based on casting and reading of rune patterns or characters carved or painted onto stones, beans, wood, bones, etc.
OIMELC See: Imbolg
OLD ONES, THE Used to refer to a group or all Pagan deities including all aspects of the Goddess and the God. Referred to by some as "the Mighty Ones"
OLD RELIGION Another term used for Witchcraft.
ORACLE Ancient location where divinations took place and prophecies were uttered, generally by priestesses.
OSTARA One of the eight Sabbats which is celebrated on or around 21 March. This festival celebrates the arrival of Spring on the Spring Equinox.
OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCE See: Astral Projection
PAGAN Generally accepted as anyone who follows any religion which believes in more than one God. These are called polytheistic religions and are usually nature based. The literal Latin translation is "country dweller".
PAGANING Presentation of an infant to the Circle and to the Gods.
PANTHEISTIC Seeing the Divine as everywhere and in everything.
PANTHEON This is the term used for that group of Gods and/or Goddess accepted by a religious path. There are set groups as in Egyptian, Greek and Roman, but some Pagans and Wiccans may select only a subset of the known Gods and Goddesses.
PENDULUM An object hanging from a string or chain used in divination. The object could be anything with some weight, like a crystal or brass object. A favorite is a lady's long hair with her wedding ring hanging from the end.
PENTACLE This is a five pointed star within a circle. When worn as jewelry one of the points upwards and represents spirit. The other four points in the lower set and represents air, earth, fire and water.
PENTAGRAM This is a five pointed star, but it has gained a negative meaning (or satanic) by Christian religious perversion. Worn as jewelry it can be worn with one point upwards or downwards (two points upwards). When worn with one point downwards it signifies a person is a second degree initiate in some traditions. Many, however, have changed this due to the negative connotation given by Christian perversion. The two points upward is worn by those specifically rebellious to Christianity and who worship the Christian evil called Satan, the Devil or Lucifer.
PENTALPHA A pentacle with a powerful magical design.
PERSONA The "comforting cloak" of the Ego; the self-image which the Ego builds up to reassure itself and to present to the world.
PERSONAL POWER That energy which sustains our bodies. It ultimately originates from the Goddess and God (or, rather, the power behind Them)
PISCES The 12th sign in the zodiac. Symbolized by the Two Fishes, is a Water sign and is ruled by Jupiter and Neptune.
PLANES The various levels of being and activity - Spiritual, Mental, Astral, Etheric and Physical.
POLARITY The term given to those energies which balance everything in the world. These energies consist of equal, opposite energies like yin and yang, dark and light, sun and moon, etc. These energies exist in everything.
POPPET This is a doll specially prepared to represent a particular person at whom a spell is directed.
POSTULANT See: Neophyte
POTION An herbal tea or brew used in many magical or healing rituals.
POWWOW A term used for the type of folk magic based on 400 year old Elite German Witchcraft and indigenous to the Dutch Country of Pennsylvania. Also known as hexcraft.
PRANA The vital force of the Cosmos as it operates on the Etheric level; it permeates this and other solar systems, and every living organism is charged with a concentration of it.
PRECOGNITION Psychic awareness of future events.
PRIEST A male dedicated to both the service of his chosen deity(s) and humankind. A "High Priest" is the male leader of a coven and plays the role of the Horned God in certain ceremonies.
PRIESTESS A female dedicated to both the service of his chosen deity(s) and humankind. A "High Priestess" is the female leader of a coven and plays the role of the Goddess in certain ceremonies.
PROJECTION The psychological mechanism of subconsciously crediting (or discrediting) another person with qualities or shortcomings which are in fact elements of one's own psyche.
PROJECTIVE HAND Your strong hand, the one you use for writing, working, etc. It is the point at which personal power is sent from the body, as opposed to the receptive hand.
PSYCHE The total non-physical make-up of a human being.
PSYCHIC MIND The subconscious or unconscious mind, in which we receive psychic impulses. The psychic mind is at work when we sleep, dream and meditate.
PSYCHISM The act of being consciously psychic, in which the Psychic Mind and Conscious Mind are linked and working in harmony. Ritual Consciousness is a form of psychism.
PSYCHOMETRY The psychic "reading" of a material object, and its associations and history, by handling it.
PURGINGS Lesser exorcisms that cleanse and turn away negativity or impediments, absorb negativity to be buried for grounding, and dissipate negative energies.
QABALA(H) See: Cabala.
QUARTERS The North, South, East and West sections of and area. This is most significant in the circle.
QUARTERS north, east, south, west quadrants of a magickal circle.
QUERENT In astrology and divination, a person who asks questions of the astrologer or fortuneteller.
RADE "Ride"-the wild ride of the Hunter gathering the souls of the dead; passing of the Wild Hunt or the Rade is demonstrated by stormy weather and fast-moving, roiling black clouds.
RECEPTIVE HAND The left hand in right-handed persons, the reverse for left-handed persons. This is the hand through which energy is received into the body. See Projective Hand.
REDE rule or law.
REDE, WICCA The Wiccan Law - ...An ye harm none, do as ye will.
REINCARNATION The system by which a soul is born into repeated physical bodies in order to learn and evolve. It is accepted that this process ends when all karmic energy comes into balance. Further rebirths may occur at the souls discretion in order to teach younger souls.
RIGHT BRAIN FUNCTION Anything related to imagination and creativity . The right hemisphere of the brain controls the left side of the body. Compare to: Left-Brain Function
RIGHT HAND PATH Used to describe those who follow the positive laws of any path, including the rede.
RITE Another word for ritual.
RITUAL Can be described as any act (ceremonial or not) to focus or enhance energy to a specific goal. This energy can be used in magic or religion to gain a spiritual union with the divine.
RUNE(S) The letters which have remained from old Teutonic, Nordic and Anglo-Saxon alphabets used in divination and magick. Some of these letters may have entire meanings or concepts associated to them. Combinations are sometimes used for magickal power.

An harm ye none, do what ye will.
Blessed Be!