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--------ZS5RON ---------PA0QRP-------G0IEZ----------HB9BXN--------------


  • My father's radio shack was my nursery, if I did not have the radio bug at the time of conception than I was certainly infected with it at early age.  I started as a SWL, roaming shortwave, mainly looking for RTTY stations. Field Days were one of the annual radio high lights.

    In 1972 I passed the Radio Amateur Examination including morse and started off as a very active RTTY (telex) station.

    My  callsigns were PA0QRP, G0IEZ also HB9BXN

    Now based in South Africa my callsign is ZS5RON. You can find me mainly on 18, 24 mHz in cw and 28mhz.

    QSL information:

    Please send your QSL card to PA0FI or

direct to: P O BOX 1171, 3630 Westville, KwaZulu/Natal,
                                            South Africa.

My family is a very radio-active one, my father is pa0fi his website is www.qsl.net/pa0fi/

My brother in law is Joop, pa0jmv, an EME Expert. Joop has a dedicated website www.qsl.net/pa0jmv/

The picture above shows the 2 meter vertical and some of the end wires of the dipole as it was used in Twickenham (UK). For more photographs follow this link pictures

Currently I am using a double zepp antenna for 24mHz. After some experimenting and using a full size 2 x 20 meter dipole I noticed that the radiation pattern was unfavourable for Europe. The double zepp is twice 12.57meters fed by open ladder wire and matched by a Z -match. Producing a nice clover shaped radiation pattern.  Recently I put up a 28mhz mono band 3 element beam.  Before that I experimented with a two element cubical quad.  The 3 element beam works extremely well and propagations permitting I am able to have a sked with Europe every day of the week.

Lately I changed some of the design of the Z-match, but noticed that there is no difference in the HF current in either leg of the open feed ladder so I referred back to the original design. The Z-Match tunes the aerial to all HF bands except 160meters. My 2m VHF aerial is a simple mobile Whip (5/8 wave length).

My HF Station is a JRC JST 135 running at about 150 watts output on all HF bands. The VHF transceiver is a handheld by Yaesu FT23R with 5/8 wave lengt whip.

Some links

my home page:  www.handknitter.com