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Welcome to the world of Hand Knitting

Throughout my life hand knitting has been a hobby.  At a very early age the straight forward 1 row knit and 1 purl was tried and experimented with.  

In my youth, although living in the Netherlands with all it so called tolerance, hand knitting by a male was not the thing to do.  Boys played with cars, soccer etc.  Ham Radio was the alternative for me.  Follow this link to my special Ham Radio website 


For years the needles were dropped and it was only during the long cold winter months in Switzerland that I discovered the creative elements of hand knitting.  Also hand knitting gives you a marvelous opportunity to produce your own design knitwear and besides that I find it a marvelous way to relax and de-stress.  

So it took a while to jump over that psychological hurdle.  Now I design and produce my own knitwear using mainly natural materials such as cotton and wool.  Some mixed yarns are used to give strength and/or colour to the designs


Rather than using complete patterns I tend to use a stitch guide or encyclopedia and create my patterns whilst I go along.   For the purpose of this website I have written these patterns out and they are available at minimal costs.  To view the different designs go to my special photo page.



This page was last updated on 06-Nov-2005.