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Do YOU ever feel like throwing your computer against the wall because of sheer frustration? YOU ARE NOT ALONE. DO YOU NEED COMPUTER SUPPORT?

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Aren’t you tired of pulling your hair, trying to work through technical jargon and just wanting to sit in a heap and either scream or cry (or both?). Read on and I can help you with your computer concerns.

From: Eugene Ludick
Resolution IT

Dear Friend and Business Owner,

Lets face it, these days no business can run without a computer or a laptop or both. As much as computers and laptops are a blessing when they are up, it is a DISASTER when they go down. You need SUPPORT, COMPUTER SUPPORT!!!

How many times have you called on someone to give you the computer support that you NEED, only to find out that they know less than you do? How many times have you been quoted one thing and at the end of the day you get charged something completely different? How many times have you had a computer problem “fixed” only for a day or two?

How many times do you just put your TRUST in someone because you naturally assume that they know what they are doing only to be told by the next guy that they really had no clue and left your computer, Laptop or Notebook in a worse state than it was originally? Are you as tired as I am of people out there taking you for a RIDE?


WHO AM I? My name is Eugene Ludick. I am an I.T Consultant in Johannesburg, South Africa. My company is RESOLUTION I.T. I am able to provide my services to companies in and around Gauteng (for list of services provided in Gauteng, CLICK HERE)

My aim is also to help YOU (the reader) where ever you may be in the world. I have 11 years experience and as you know when in business for your self, you pick up a lot of skills along the way. Trials and errors learnt by me that I can save you.


Time is money. We all know that saying but have you found a way yet to save yourself that time not to mention YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY! I can help you there. Use my experience and KNOWLEDGE rather than bump your head and pull your hair out in frustration because you just hit “error” after “error”. Let me be the one to HELP YOU and SAVE YOU MORE WASTED MONEY.

WHY ME? Good question. To be skeptical is a good thing in today’s day and age. You never know who you can trust. You have all these great offers time and time again and if you are anything like me you think twice before you part your money to some one you do not know. It is frustrating not knowing who you can and cannot trust. I am not going to bore you to tears with hyped up sales pitch that all sounds the same. Instead of that I have inserted TESTIMONIALS of clients that I personally have helped. I am a straight down the line person that will always tell you how it is but please Don’t take my word for it…. TAKE THEIRS!



Eugene has been supporting our computers for some time now and we have found him to be honest, reliable and trustworthy – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Karin, Imperial ToyotaRandburg, South Africa



Eugene has been great and prompt with all his service. He is ethical and goes above and beyond when delivering results. Thank you Eugene for all your help and support.

Alfred Gilburt

Edenvale, Johannesburg, South Africa




Wow, Eugene really is a cut above the rest. I have gone through many I.T consultants and Eugene really knows what he is talking about. I feel quite safe leaving Eugene to tend to all my computer requirements. I know he will get the job done.


Michelle – B Healthy 247

Johannesburg, South Africa




Thank you Eugene. You have been great and we really appreciate all the hard work you have put into our computers. Looking forward to future dealings with you as it is always a pleasure.

Mark Wilson

South Africa



Knowledge is POWER! I am here to give you that power!

This could become a GREAT “WIN-WIN” situation for both YOU and me. Because I really care, I am not going to bombard you with a whole HEAP of boring information, information that you pay for and in the end DON”T really want. See this site grow to help YOU! Subscribe to our free newsletter, all you have to do is add your information and in return YOU get great news and reviews. Don’t hesitate get it NOW, it is FREE!

I guess this now leaves you wondering...

Why Am I Doing This?

Well quite simple actually. I like to help people and I am good at it. I am tired of all those people out there who continually try and keep you in the dark. Free tip, it is not in the I.T Consultants best interest to fix your computer properly the first time because why then would you need them to come back? They keep squeezing money out of you and you keep losing time, money and of course gaining a few more GRAY HAIRS! Now obviously not all I.T consultants out there are like that, but then again how do YOU tell the difference between the HONEST JOE and the CROOKED SCHMO?

That's where I come in. I'm more than willing to lend a hand to get you started, and simply offer my help when you ask for it.

Check out our Informative Articles, they will be of great help to you, they are packed with great information, on a variety of computer related topics,

To check them out now Click Here


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