Rural Development Support Program

About RDSP

Recognising the high levels of rural poverty, RDSP supports rural CBOs and development initiatives to bring about positive change in their communities.


We create environments in which rural leadership thrives,

vibrant infrastructures grow and people discover creative, viable development models that

effectively meet their needs.


RDSP, an Associate Body of the SACBC, is a South African non-governmental organisation based in Cape Town. RDSP was established in 1992 and offers the following services to development initiatives in Southern Africa:


· Rural Support Programme: organisational development, skills training and mentorship of rural CBOs and small groups. This programme’s aims are:

· To provide training in a range of development, leadership & management skills, through individual workshops and training courses.

· To facilitate organisational development processes.

· To follow up training and OD sessions with consultation.

· Open Learning Programme: self-help workbooks/training manuals, information broadsheets & distance learning. This programme’s aims are:

· To provide self-help workbooks on our training topics.

· To produce & distribute information broadsheets.

· To develop a distance learning service, in collaboration with other organisations.

· Discovery Exchange & Exposure Programme: horizontal learning, seminars and exposure to viable development models. This programme’s aims are:

· To organise exchanges & exposures for rural groups facing similar problems, so that they can learn about effective development models.

· To organise seminars & conferences with specific themes in order to improve the knowledge and advocacy activities of rural groups.

· Small Business Unit: assisting rural small-scale entrepreneurs with technical, marketing and financial advice & training. Research is required into expanding the unit to include small-scale farmers & food gardeners, making it a Sustainable Livelihoods Unit. This Unit’s aims are:

· To provide training to rural small businesses and income generating projects.

· To network extensively with existing SMME service providers in order to improve outreach to rural areas and to link rural income generating groups with relevant service providers.

· To provide business & marketing advice to rural groups engaged in income generating activities.

· To provide product and design advice to rural groups engaged in income generating activities.

10 Tuin Plein

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To contact us:

Tel: +27 21 462-4555

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Office Manager - Eugene Jackson

Director - Gardie Judge

Development Director - Rosanne Shields