Coffee-Shop Schmuck -- Roy Blumenthal, Artist-at-Large: Picture of Roy by Dook, used with permission -- Thanks Dook!










Why do I do this? Why should you follow the site's updates?

Hmmm. Hard one to answer, I s'pose. I do it cos I'm a bit of a media manipulator. I like using the media to it's fullest extent. This site is a way of sharing some of the unique stuff I encounter in my world. 

My life motto is this: "I live my art in prosperity and abundance."

So I guess it's my way of putting a bit of that out in the world.

Maybe it's so I can get wealthy from contacts I get through developing some kind of cult following? Maybe the site will get me into a solid and stable relationship with a woman who loves me unconditionally, likes regular sex, communicates well, is seriously beautiful in all sorts of ways, and isn't in any way like my mother. Perhaps it's just a neat way to get my art into the world?

What you get out of it is exposure to a particular viewpoint. I'm not aware of too many people who share my take on the world. And maybe you'll get some enjoyment out of my quirkiness.

I dunno. Make contact with me and let me know if this site is valuable to you in any way. My contact details are in the section labelled, "Who".

Thanks for dropping by.

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