My friend Leon and I bought this MAC CDL microlight before commencing our training as microlight pilots.
That might have been a case of the cart before the horse, but instruction was cheaper that way.
We both qualified and fly regularly from Cato Ridge Airfield in KwaZulu-Natal Province, South Africa.

The MAC CDL named from Mac the girlfriend of the manufacturer brothers Collin and Dave Little.
Taken at Cato Ridge one winter morning.

Coming in to land on a solo training flight
Thumbs up - it went well
In September 1999 I went on a holiday to Ontario, Canada to visit my sister and family. While there we went to the Canadian International Airshow in Toronto, and I made contact with a flying school in Barrie, about 90 km north of Toronto. I was invited to go and fly there.


Our instructor Jas (right) explaining something to Leon and his wife Linda. They'd just been for a short flight Below are some frames captured from my holiday video of my flight in an EZ-Flyer at Barrie Airpark.