The Men from the Ministry

Frank Graham writes:

"Creak! go the hinges on my voice box as I probe around searching for the character voices it was my pleasure to use during all those years.

There was Matthews, the cantankerous and asthmatic hall porter; the terribly precious fellow who floats in every week with a fruity, "well, hello, hello, hello!". If his name is Wally, you can be sure the Ministry men will call him Molly or Polly. Then there is the more than slightly dotty Venables, older than Noah, and with a tongue on roller-skates, with the result that words like "unbelievable" come out "unbelievabable". Making the occasional appearance is Alfredo Guiseppe Guliemo Franco Pepperoni Marco Bernardo Antonio Benjamino Enrico Benito Ravioli de Medici (gasp!) who finds it quite impossible to converse in the normal manner -the only way he can communicate is by means of grand opera!

There will also be the small army of casual characters who make brief and one-off appearances. I'm looking forward to doing them all!

I will always consider it a great privilege and pleasure to have been given the opportunity of playing these two wonderful characters, and look forward to a great deal more fun in the new series."


Frank Graham

Published to the Internet in January 2002
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