The Men from the Ministry

Tom Read (alias "Humbert Snetherswaite")writes:

"Humbert 'Splasher' Snetherswaite rascible, incorrigible, charming, wily, philosophical -always with an eye for the main chance but at the same time keeping a wary eye out for his much-Loved (and feared) Lolita ("silly old faggot") with whom he butted heads on most issues and particularly on the matter of his intake of (she felt) his much-needed prunes. His hilarious adventures and confrontations with officialdom in the form of The Men from the Ministry were always a source of enjoyment for the many fans of the programme. The nickname 'Splasher' came about from fellow-actors complaining that they were always in danger of drowning - or at best, being soaked -when playing on mike with Humbert, because of his tendency to 'splash' during his usually vociferous deliveries.

The comical, lovable, funny-natured Rampersad Haribhai Spoonilal V. ("Very fine fellow") Mukerjee, the ultimate optimist, sees only the good in his fellow-man and is disgusted beyond belief ("Oh, my golly, goodness gracious me!") at any misfortune which may befall him - or anyone else for that matter! This popular character was introduced very early in the series and, because of misgivings on the part of Springbok Radio about the possibility of offending our South African Indian population, Tom Meehan wrote an episode centred almost entirely on Mukerjee, which was played to a large entirely Indian audience. The evening was a resounding success, with one prominent Indian businessman remarking, as he wiped his eyes, "Mr. Read, you know, you are sounding exactly like my neighbour!".

I will always consider it a great privilege and pleasure to have been given the opportunity of playing these two wonderful characters, and look forward to a great deal more fun in the new series."

Tom Read



Published to the Internet in January 2002
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