The Men from the Ministry

Maureen Adair (alias "Mildred Murfin")
(alias "Lol Snetherswaite")
(plus 5 other characters - including a crying baby) writes:

"I spent quite a few years in Preston, Lancashire, and having fallen in love with the accent, I decided to play "Mildred" North Country! I've come to adore her, especially her innocence and perkiness!

Lol Snetherswaite is my other favourite character. Humbert (my husband) and I fight like "cat and dog" because he refuses to eat the "Baked Beans & Custard" that I make for him or the "Fish 'n Prunes" !!! But we've been together now for twenty years and it don't seem a day too much!

I tell my friends that twenty-five years ago, when I first played Lol, the muscles in my face would "spring back"; now (25 years later) they stay where they are!


Maureen Adair

Published to the Internet in January 2002
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