The Men from the Ministry

Roger Service (alias No. 2: Richard Lamb) writes:

"Richard Lamb, the bumbling Number Two of the General Assistance Deptment, wasn't really as dumb as he seemed. Hugely inept, yes; and with an amazing capacity to misunderstand, misinterpret or in any other way totally bungle the simplest command, he caused apoplexy and premature greying in Sir Gregory and a complete lack of promotional prospects for the sycophantic Lennox-Brown. Having portrayed Lamb during the show's immensely popular 20-year run, I will defend him by saying that he had a number of redeeming features; none of which spring readily to mind, so let me hurriedly continue by saying that a great deal of his character rubbed off on me - or was I always like this...? For example, I now suffer from an acute sense of the ridiculous and tend to burst into uncontrollable Laughter at the most inappropriate moments, like when the tax-man or bank-manager asks for more money! But, ask anyone: "Men from the Ministry" had a chemistry which created laughter across all social Lines. We were never in such sore need of laughter! -We're back… long may the chemistry continue!"


Roger Service

Published to the Internet in January 2002
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