The Men from the Ministry

Tom Meehan (alias Sir Gregory) writes:

" 'Pitkin here!' It's all there in the voice; the arrogance, the imperiousness, the conceit, the bluster that's only showing his good side. There's more - much more - to Sir Gregory Pitkin:
The haughtiness, the pretension, the egoism; in short, all the qualities that led to the French Revolution, and yet I'm quite fond of the old chap. After all, how would you be if you had to put up with the inanities of Lennox-Brown and Lamb every day? To be sure, they live in terror of him, yet I suspect that they, too, have a hidden (well-hidden!) admiration for him.
Playing the part of Sir Gregory for so long has led me to a certain amount of introspection regarding our relationship.
There's a 'chicken-and-egg' situation here. It is 25 years since he and I became one, as it were, and has he now turned me into an irascible old man, or was I responsible for his being what he is? I mean, when someone says to me: "You're getting more and more like Sir Gregory Pitkin every day", I have to wonder! No, no, please no!"


Tom Meehan

Published to the Internet in January 2002
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