Ukathlamba Drakensberg Park
December 2002

The Pholela River at the suspension bridge at the camp site at Cobham
Having lunch under the trees in the camp site
The Pholela Hut, an old stone-walled farm house which is used as overnight accommodation for hikers on the 5-day Giant's Cup trail
Our party having breakfast on the verandah.
Bruce click here
The Suspension bridge over the Pholela River below the camp site
The Pholela River splashing over rocks at the
suspension bridge, a very popular place to swim
The "Giant's Cup" on the Drakensberg Escarpment after
which the 5-day hiking trail in the area gets its name
Duane ('Dew-an') tubing on the river
Friend "Frodo" Luke hitches a ride
Nearing the rocks where the water becomes quite swift...
...Duane decides it's time to bail - not wanting to be swept down the small rapids
Geoff captures the drama on his digital camera
Luke's friend shows how it should be done - with casual style
Duane decides he's much safer with his feet on the ground (or on the rocks)
The late afternoon sun shines through the storm clouds surrounding Cobham
The setting sun colours the cumulonimbus storm clouds
Ask anyone who comes to Cobham why they return and they all reply, "Because it's a very special place."

© Robin Davis 2003