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Monday, 20 September

We touched down at Toronto at 7:30 a.m. and were met by Bruce. Did nothing too strenuous today, slept a bit, went shopping and recovered from the flight from Vancouver to Toronto.

Tuesday, 21 September

While we were away the Iron’s had been busy looking for a place near Barrie to settle and discovered Alliston about 37 km southwest of Barrie. So on Bruce's last day before starting work at the Simcoe Co-op just outside Barrie, they took us up to Alliston.

According to Bruce the town, is a bit bigger than Scottburgh and from what we saw, it seemed very nice. It has REAL baskets of REAL flowers hanging from the street lamps in the main street. They had also found a very nice little townhouse on the edge of town, about 200 metres up the road from a school where Mark would attend. We found the owner at the house and had a look around. It was small, but very comfortable, and Glynis and Bruce are very happy with it, particularly with Mark's school being about 3 minutes walk away, and Bruce's office about half an hour or so towards Barrie at Essa. They're sorry we're not going to be there to help them move in. Oh yes?

The new home in Alliston, Ontario

Wednesday, 22 September

Took Mark to school for his last day at Munn's in Oakville. He’ll attend one day at his new school in Alliston on Friday so as to assure his enrolment. Went to Milton for train parts at Hemlock Junction again and then went to get money for Dad's stamps from Fred at the stamp shop in downtown Oakville. He feels he gave his stamps away at R450.

Thursday, 23 September

Didn't do too much today. Went to Future Shop to check up on manual for Samsung camera - no luck. Got home for lunch, then had a rest in the afternoon and watched some TV.

Friday, 24 September

Left Oakville at 7 am to get Mark at his new school in Alliston by 9 am. We took the back roads so as to avoid the very congested highways around the Toronto area. It was a bit hair-raising navigating by maps, not knowing the district, but we got there with 10 minutes to spare. Glynis left Mark at school and would check up on him again at 11, and if he was OK he'd stay until 3:30 p.m. We went off and made arrangements for connections for water, hydro (electricity - Ontario gets it’s electricity from a power station at Niagara Falls) and gas (for heating). En route went to the Barrie airfield to get details about my flight a few weeks ago.

Picked Mark up from school and headed for home. He liked it and would not find it too bad going back.

Accomplished a lot today.

Saturday, 25 September

Not much to say today, we’re both VERY sad to have to go as we have become quite used to the Canadian way of life. Perhaps we weren’t really a part of it as we didn’t live there, but we felt comfortable all the same. Could we emigrate? Very definitely. Dad seems keen, but for me it may be a bit more difficult because there are friendship bonds at home that could be hard to break. See what happens.

We took off (sadly) from Lester B. Pearson Airport, Toronto at 6 p.m.

Toronto from the CN Tower

Sunday 26 September

Arrival in Amsterdam was at 7 a.m., but the flight across the Atlantic was only 6 hours, we were flying into time and I wish the 13 hours we had to wait at Schipol airport could go by as quickly. Unfortunately it didn’t and it was a terribly boring wait. Without a visa we were unable to leave the airport although some city tours were available, but we didn’t want to do them.

Eventually the time came for us to move to the departure lounge to wait again. This wasn’t going to be the last wait because a thunderstorm delayed the take off by an hour so it was 9 p.m. when we eventually left Amsterdam in driving rain.

Monday, 27 September

We managed to get some sleep during the night and the pilot made up some time so we got to Johannesburg at 07:30, half an hour late. Our concern was our connecting flight to Durban, but getting through customs was a breeze as we had nothing to declare. 15 recordable CD’s, 7 ZIP disks and numerous model train parts remained in the suitcase.

I wanted to phone Aunty Denise before we left Joburg to say we were on time for her to meet us in Durban, but not one of ten coin operated phones in the departure lounge worked, and phone cards were only available in Terminal 3 - I was in Terminal 5 and wasn’t going to go back through all those people and trolleys to get one. Welcome to South Africa! Something else that reminded me I was home, was the group of cleaning ladies who congregated at the entrance to the ladies toilets and chatted loudly whilst resting on their mops, drinking coffee! Don't they have a tea room? Oh well....

Looking forward to returning to Ontario, Canada!


Glynis and Bruce moved from Alliston and bought a lovely turn of the last century house in Elmvale further north.

canelmvale2.jpg (64510 bytes)
The house in Elmvale

The Family

Digging out the car

Fall in the Peter Street, Elmvale


Another move in June 2002 took them to the Ontario city of Barrie, about 100 km from Elmvale.