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The back of their house. The white portion is an addition which was made 10 years ago in accordance within specifications laid down by the historical commission or something. Because the house is a turn of the previous century building, regulations stipulate that any alterations must be done in the style of the period.
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2 shots of the back porch and garden - one in summer and one when the temperature was -10 degrees. There is a thermometer hanging on the right of the winter pic, but you can't see the reading in this scanned photo. Note the snow on the table and chairs.

canada8.jpg (59563 bytes) Bruce shovelling snow after a huge dumping they received in November 2000. It was about 3 feet in one go and remained on the ground all winter.

It took them 3 and a quarter hours to dig the car out!

Glynis looking very pleased because they'd just shovelled all the snow behind her from their driveway. They don't seem to have a garage!! canada9.jpg (63175 bytes)