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Outside the house. Glynis and Bruce's house is a mirror image of the one next door. I think it was that neighbour who threatened to trap their cat and release it in the wild because it was weeing on their porch. They had a bit of a "set to" about this incident. He (the neighbour) apparently catches squirrels because they eat his strawberries! Their cat Tigger has been very ill, Glynis thinks it was poisoned by some chemical sparyed on lawns to keep birds away ??!! and Tigger walked on it an licked his paws. He has since been doing VERY strange things and is still not 100%.

1st day of school last year - 2000.

Glynis says the chain on the door at the top is to keep the boys INside. They have a picket fence round the property at the back where they are allowed to play, but are not allowed out the front where, as is the norm in Canada and the US, there is no fence on the street.

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