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My little speech on Graduation Night












Before I start, I'm going to need a volunteer… Grant? I need you to come up here to… no, hang on a minute, this is a page from my notes for a talk I gave in anatomy & physiology on Muscle Fatigue and Oxygen Debt when we did the Muscular System. Do you all remember that? We all stood up in front of the class and spoke as convincingly as possible about something we knew nothing about. And we spent so much time and nervous energy preparing the talks we didn't remember a thing about the muscles and had to ask Sylvia to do a revision session on it.

When Cecilia phoned me on Friday afternoon to ask me to give a little talk tonight, I had flash backs to the muscular system. I was a bit nervous about getting up in front of you all to say these few lines.

But just take a look at how far we've come.
I never thought when sitting talking to Shanitha, a young woman at work about stress and tension I was experiencing, that I'd end up with a Diploma in Therapeutic Aromatherapy.

Shanitha told me that our boss at the time, the Regional Editor of TV News at the SABC in Durban went to an Aromatherapist, and that I should visit her too. I didn't think very much about that, and left it there.

A few months later I thought I'd go to Jessica Hart, who I knew very well as her husband Ollie also works at the SABC. I enjoyed the massage she gave me, and it certainly relieved my sore neck.

Then our archivist, Jill Murraybrown showed me the work she was doing for the new Student Manual for the Natural Health and Beauty College, and thought I should do the course. She said I would make a very good therapist. Well, I browsed through the old manual and found it all very interesting, and thought the course would be nice to do. Funny, Jill wouldn't volunteer to be one of my massage "bodies"!

Then one day back at Jessica's she told me that if I was still interested in doing the course I'd "better get my A into G" and go and see Cecilia at the college as the January 2001 course had just started. I went there straight after my massage and registered. I joined the morning class and did a few catch up classes over the weekend.

BUT… what I didn't know was we had to do Anatomy and Physiology! Biology wasn't my favourite subject at school and the last time I took the subject was a very long time ago in Standard 6. Now we had to buy a huge thick book full of anatomical terminology and frightening diagrams. AND Colleen said we'd be doing a dissertation of 50 pages on something or other. I didn't like that because I didn't even know what a dissertation was, let along what I was going to do for it. - Oh dear, what had I got myself into?

To be quite honest, I used to have sleepless Tuesday nights, knowing we had a test on the work in A & P the following morning. I was doing considerably well in my tests, but I wasn't convinced I'd do well in the end of year exam.

But here we are, and yes, it was all worthwhile. At nearly 42 I have a diploma, not in Video technology, but Aromatherapy.

I must say thank you to: Cecilia and Errol Salvesen, Colleen Peek - who escaped to New Zealand half way through the year, Carol Melly - who took over briefly in her place, Sylvia Williams - the "sweet angel" who made A & P really mean something, to my class mates, and of course the long suffering case history bodies who were made up of family and friends.

Let's take this new skill and knowledge we've learnt this year and make a difference in someone else's life.

It's made a difference in the lives of some people I know.
One patient feels better as soon as she opens the jar of my "Stress and Relaxation Cream", and has found her nails are much stronger and grow quicker. Her husband has practically stopped biting his nails since using the cream, because it tastes bitter! Another so enjoys the massages, she has made it her 'special treat' once a month. Results like this are wonderful to hear.
The strangest result I experienced was with a colleague - and you can take this however you like...
I'd been massaging a patient/colleague in the morning before work, and when I got to work this particular journalist (let's call him "M") inquired after our sick colleague. I was a bit surprised that he's asked as I didn't think he cared. (He probably didn't, but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt). "M" then asked me if this sick person needed his help. Again I was stunned because I couldn't imagine what sort of help he had to offer. He told me he was a herbalist. Not wanting to be out-done I quickly told him I was a kind of herbalist too. Surprised, he asked me to show him my 'bottles'. As quick as a flash, I took out a 50 ml brown bottle and a few 12 ml bottles I'd used for mixing oils and he immediately stepped backwards through the door, nearly tripping over his feet on the way out. He wasn't seen at work again, and was dismissed some months later because he had absconded!
I didn't realise how powerful essential oils were!!! :-)

One last thing - I know the reason why I did this course:
I was told recently I was a medicine man in a past life and many years ago a spiritual healer told me my spirit guide is an ancient doctor. So maybe this is a means to channel their energy through me and make a difference in someone else's life.