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Merit Certificate



Hello, thanks for taking the time to come here.

I attended my graduation ceremony on Saturday, 15 December 2001 to receive my Diploma in Therapeutic Aromatherapy Massage. I did exceptionally well and would like to share my results with you. (Click RESULTS on the left of this page)

This year has been an interesting challenge, going back to "school" at 41 years of age, but I have passed AND received a Certificate of Merit for Outstanding Achievement as my results were above 80%. I was astounded at this achievement, as I was really battling with Anatomy and Physiology, (not so much "battling", but just plain terrified about all the terms, names and body parts), but I did so well in that subject too.

This is just a special place to say thank you for being a "guinea pig" patient. I know I had to beg you sometimes to practice massages on you - I'm sorry. But I do hope you found them beneficial and relaxing, because that's what they were supposed to be. If you felt a little uncomfortable at first, don't worry, it was new for me as well. I want you to know that just because I have finished the course doesn't mean you have finished with me. If you found the massages beneficial, please call me at any time if you would like to continue with your massage treatment. Please don't ever feel uncomfortable about asking me. I can also formulate special creams and bath oils and/or drops for specific conditions for you. I already have a few very satisfied customers.

Over the year, this course has had an impact on some people. (I wanted to mention these examples in the speech I was asked to give at my graduation, but my mouth went dry and I felt I'd stood up there in front talking about myself for too long already!).

One patient feels better as soon as she opens the jar of my "Stress and Relaxation Cream", and has found her nails are much stronger and grow quicker. Her husband has practically stopped biting his nails since using the cream, because it tastes bitter! Another so enjoys the massages, she has made it her 'special treat' once a month. Results like this are wonderful to hear.

The strangest result I experienced was with a journalist colleague - and you can take this however you like...

I'd been massaging a patient/colleague in the morning before work, and when I got to work this particular journalist (let's call him Menzi for want of a better name!) inquired after our sick colleague. I was a bit surprised that he's asked as I didn't think he cared. (He probably didn't, but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt). Menzi then asked me if this sick person needed his help. Again I was stunned because I couldn't imagine what sort of help he had to offer. He told me he was a herbalist. Not wanting to be out-done I quickly told him I was a herbalist too. Surprised, he asked me to show him my 'bottles'. As quick as a flash, I took out a 50 ml brown bottle I'd used for mixing oils and he immediately stepped backwards through the door, nearly tripping over his feet on the way out. He wasn't seen at work again, and was dismissed some months later because he had absconded!
I didn't realise how powerful essential oils were!!! :-)

So now I am a qualified therapist (herbalist?!) and am entitled to put the letters "Dip. A" after my name (Diploma in Therapeutic Aromatherapy). Something I will do with pride, because you helped me get there.

Thank you

Thank you Ida and Jill for introducing me to Aromatherapy.
Thank you Errol and Cecilia Salvesen of Natural Health and Beauty College in Pinetown - the year has been a major turning point in my life.