Mystical Miles: Running Living Beaming is a marvellous book about the deeper experiences life has to offer. And sure, it's about running, about the fullness of what it is like to run. Not quite a training guide though with lots practical tips, it goes further and through running explores the shimmering brilliance of life


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Mystical Miles is about the value and joy of running. It takes the reader deep into the experience of running in all its fullness. The always physical, mental and emotional challenge of running becomes extraordinary, putting a glint in the eye runner, a smile on  the face and deepens the beat of the heart.

Because running is part of life, the book is as much about living as it is about running. The effects of running spill into other parts of our lives. The underlying message is that cumulative experiences inevitably deepen, continually enrich our lives and marvellously, can lead to spiritual awakening.

Mystical Miles is practical as well as uplifting and is rooted in the experience of running - from the first uneasy steps to racing, running for hours and to the exploration of world in which we live.

Mystical Miles is not a technical running book. It does not set out training programmes nor does it deal with running injuries or nutrition. It is about the philosophy, poetry and panting of running and its rewards: fun, health and zest, achievement, personal growth - and always the beaming smiles and glowing bodies.

Mystical Miles can be enjoyed by all - those who have never put on a pair of running shoes, fun runners, seasoned athletes, ultra runners as well as spectators, family and friends of runners. Runners who read Mystical Miles will want to put on their shoes and run. Others will never look at a jogger panting and sweating along a road, nor at them themselves, in quite the same way again. They'll have found out about how special life can be and what its like to life with a head full of stars and feet firmly on the ground.

The narrative is warm, engaging and readable. It keeps an always interesting, sometimes unsettling balance between the here-and-now of running, feet crunching in gravel, and the broader context of running - the world through which we run, how we relate to people and the personal growth and development.

It gently challenges some preconceptions, and is always reflexive, never precious, taking neither itself nor life too seriously.



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