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PAYROLL SOFTWARE ~ The people-friendly software to run your payroll.
- Contains a powerful formula to calculate multiple variations of income and deductions.
- The program complies with SARS requirements, and calculates and deducts correctly all tax like PAYE, UIF.
- Contains a powerful custom report generator, which at Month-end can be used to print various reports, including, PAYE, UIF, Union levies, Bargaining Council levies.
- At Year-end the program will generate the file that is imported into SARS' EasyFile (E@syfile) saving the user from manually having to enter this information to generate your Tax Return, and Tax Certificates, IRP5 and IT3.

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Serendipity Software also provide outsourcing services in running your payroll,
which helps us to effectively respond to required changes and fine-tune the program.

SALES SOFTWARE ~ Order Entry, Invoicing and Sales program.
- Allows you to capture details at the order receipt stage, which is carried through to the invoicing stage.
- Additional features of the program ....
+ monitors orders and quantities outstanding.
+ calculates estimated starting and completion dates, by using turnaround times.
..... ideal for all sizes of manufacturing operations.
- Contains the unique Customer Profitability Analysis (CPA) tool to monitor the contribution to your profits per customer !!!

STOCK CONTROL SOFTWARE ~ Bought-in and Consignment Stock Control program.
- monitors stocks and reports on discrepancies (shortages).
- monitors orders outstanding, forecasts usage and provides estimates of re-order details.
- suitable for multi-stores, yet maintaining a central stock item price list.

GENERAL LEDGER SOFTWARE ~ includes powerful yet easy-to-use Financial Report generator.
- Report Generator feature includes ...
+ prints all 12 (or 13) months of the year on one page, together with figures for previous 2 years.
+ report specification does not have to be changed when a new account or department is added.
+ provides for Sub and Run Totals to design your Balance Sheet or Income Statement, together with calculated figures which may be within the report ie. Raw Material Percentages, or at the end of the report ie. Financial Ratios.
- Suited for larger organisations with departments or cost centres...
+ contains a centralized list of standard accounts, preventing confusion between the departments.
+ prints Financial Reports for each department, or consolidated Financial Accounts for the whole organisation.

RUBBER CONSULTING ~ technical advice, problem solving, and training.
- our philosophy is not only to help in solving problems, but to take steps to prevent problems from re-curring again.
- My experience includes rubber formulating, compounding, mixing, calendering, rubberlining, rubber hose, rubber roller covering, rubber moulding, wear componets and mill liners.

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SARS for info on Income and Employees Tax
Moneyweb for info on Income Tax

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