The Clan MacArthur Genealogy Project

This is an hyperlinked database produced using GED2HTML, a method of converting genealogical data into a format that is accessible across the WWW.

Please bookmark this page as you may wish to return directly and this will be difficult from within the Database. Please note that the responsibility for the accuracy of the data lies with it's submitters and users. Also if you find information concerning living relatives that you wish removed, contact Don McArthur and I will do so at the next update.

The database was last updated on 20 May 2000, it contains 10,062 individuals. There are many hundreds of John M(a)cArthurs, if you are trying to find someone it would probably be easier to get to them via their spouse. If you find something that is of interest, you can directly email the submitter from within the database by going to the root individual and clicking on the Submitter's name in the Source field. You can access the database in one of these ways.

The Name Index,

The Surname Index, recomended or

By going straight to my son Nicholas, or one of these other famous MacArthurs

Douglas 'I Shall Return',

John 'Merino',

John D., of the Foundation,

Carrthach mac Saerbrethach, ancestor of the MacCarthy kings of Desmond, or

Charles, the last hereditary piper,

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