Data Submission

Please help this database to grow to the extent that it becomes the de-facto repository of MacArthur genealogical research. The more peoples work that is included then the greater likelihood of people finding connections.

Ideally send an email to Don McArthur with a GEDCOM file of the people you wish to be included, exclude living relatives if you wish. If you wish to send me hard copy then post it to :-

PO Box 513,



South Africa.

Don't expect a speedy response from here with this method.

It should contain the following

All the MacArthurs, [please not all CAPITALS] their spouses and parents of spouses

Please use the most accurate data possible for dates and places, use the standard abbreviations and include the country, e.g. CAN, ENG, SCT, USA etc.

A list can be found via the Roots Surname List

The database uses the following fields, please include any or all of them in your submission.

BAPM - Baptism

OCCU - Occupation

EMIG - Emigration

RELI - Religion

BURI - Burial

Source the birthdate field with OPR/Bible/Will etc.

I will add your email address in hypertext tags as a source for your progenitor, this will enable searchers to directly email you from within the database.

Your data will be merged with the main database, you will be notified of any pottential matches. The on-line database will be updated when it reaches about 11,000 people, probably some time towards the end of 2000.

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