Payton Parker

[436] Family 1 : Laney McArthur


[436] Moved with parents from Virginia to Pickaway Co., OH, sometime before
1830. There were 3 Parker families in Pickaway Co. in 1830. Assumption by
Judith Hale is that father was Allen Parker...both Methodists and both
lived in the same community and ages matched family records.
The family did have two sets of twins.
In 1845 the family moved to Fulton Co., IL, and settled a few miles east
of Avon. At the time, the family consisted of Mary Jane, Wesley, John
McArthur, Hiram, Adaline, Caroline, and Lewis. Caroline died in 1845, but
it is unknown whether that was before or after the move.
Of the 12 children born to Laney and Payton, 5 died at an early age. Five
grew to adulthood and married. John McArthur was a lawyer. Lewis may or
may not have survived infancy. Franklin was still living at age 9, but it
is unknown whether he grew to manhood.
Payton was a farmer and in the milling business. He was a Sunday School
teacher in the Methodist Church in Virgil, IL. He was 62 when he died.
Four years later John sold the family farm in Fulton Co., IL, for $4500.
Laney also was 62 when she died in 1872.
Mary Jane left home in 1852 to move to California. She never saw her
parents again and they never saw any of Mary Jane's children.

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