William Taylor McArthur

[338] Father: Duncan Donald McArthur
Mother: Elizabeth (Eliza) Taylor

Family 1 : Mary Adelia Smith
  1.  Elizabeth Taylor McArthur
  2.  Mary McArthur
  3.  William Taylor McArthur
  4. +Duncan Donald McArthur
  5.  Mary Beauchamp McArthur


[338] William Taylor
McArthur, born just outside Moorefield, Ontario in the township of
Maryborough, Wellington County, Ontario. He was a surgeon and
from the University of Toronto in 1896 as President of his class;
Medical Sciences (8th graduating class). He then went to College of

Surgery in Edinburgh, Scotland and then onto California. His two
brothers; Peter Robb McArthur (b.1868) & Duncan Donald McArthur
(b.1870) followed him and also became doctors.

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