Thomas McArthur

[1155] Father: Peter McArthur
Mother: Christiana Bennett

Family 1 : Annie Abbot
  1.  Eileen McArthur
  2. +Thomas McArthur
  3.  Elizabeth McArthur
  4.  Eva McArthur
  5.  Alex John McArthur
  6.  Ida McArthur
  7.  John McArthur
  8.  Charles McArthur
  9.  William McArthur
  10.  Ivan Joseph McArthur
  11.  Edith McArthur


[1155] Thomas was the earliest birth recorded in the Rossbridge church baptismal
register. Family legend states that Christina was assisted in birth by
an aboriginal midwife. A "coolamon" said to have been the baby's crib
was still in the family when his grandson Allen was young.

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