Peter McArthur

[1147] Father: John McArthur
Mother: Elizabeth Meiklejohn

Family 1 : Christiana Bennett
  1. +John McArthur
  2.  Peter McArthur
  3.  James Muir McArthur
  4. +David McArthur
  5. +Thomas McArthur
  6.  Wiliam McArthur
  7.  Mary McArthur
  8.  Elizabeth McArthur
  9.  Christiana McArthur
  10.  Andrew McArthur
  11.  Robert McArthur
  12.  Harry 'Henry' McArthur


[1147] Travelled as assisted immigrants from Scotland.

Left London via Plymouth on the Ship Success on 28-1-1852 arrived point
Henry Geelong on 31-5-1852 with children John Peter & James.

On the Passenger List:-

Peter's age was shown as 26yrs. calling ag. Lab. from Perthshire.
rel. Presbyterian. Could both read & write. Indented to Thos.Chirnside
of Mt William Station for 12 months. Wages 55 pounds per year. Passage
from London cost 8
pounds. He later joined the gold rush in the area as a miner.

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