John Henry McArthur

[320] Father: Alexander McArthur

Family 1 : Delilah Palmerton
  1. +Charles Alexander McArthur
  2. +James McArthur
  3. +William McArthur
  4. +Horace McArthur
  5. +John Henry McArthur
  6.  Sarah Jane McArthur
  7.  Maria (Nancy\Martha) McArthur
  8.  Nancy Lovina McArthur
  9. +Marion McArthur
  10.  Mary Matilda McArthur
  11. +George F. McArthur
  12.  Alfred McArthur


[320] "JOHN McARTHUR DEAD -- One of the oldest residents of our village, John
McArthur, quietly passed away last Saturday forenoon, February 1. He had
nearly reached the eighty fourth round in the ladder of life when he was
compelled to succumb to death and give up earthly toil for everlasting
peace and rest.
"He was born in Crawford Township, Canada, on May 4, 1812, and when
quite young moved with his parents to Monroe County New York; his mother
died when he was quite young, leaving his father with a large family of
children. From New York he moved to Calhoun County, this state, and from
there he moved to Woodland township and has been a resident of this place
ever since, fifty two years.
"He was married in 1835 to Delilah Palmerton at Pennfield, Calhoun county
and to their union twelve children were born, eight boys and four girls.
His wife has been dead for some time and two children have also succumbed
to the grim reaper. Charles, William and Marion of this township, Nancy
L. Kilpatrick and Mary Meyers, also of this place; Horace, Odessa, John
H., Sarah J. Mills, Saranac; George F., Danby.
"The funeral was held at the M. E. church yesterday forenoon and a
good many of the friends and relatives of the deceased gathered to pay
their last tribute of respects. Rev. F.A. VanDeWalker conducted the
services, after which the remains were laid in their last resting place,
the Baptist
"Mr. McArthur was a stolid Methodist and was a member of the M.E.
church of this place for some time, and never failed to echo the praises
of his Savior whenever neccessary. He came here when Woodland was a
wilderness and together with the other few settlers who were here,
battled out an existance for himself and family, always bearing a well
merited reputation for his honesty, integrity and industriousness. He
successfully provided a home for himself and family and also acquired
quite a little property by his steadiness and good business principles.
"In his death the township looses one of her pioneers, who are fast
dwindling down to memories and persons of the past, and it will be but a
few years until all of our old inhabitants who have been left to tell the
story of the early history of the township will be gone to receive the
reward which they richly deserve."

[319] [SOURCE] Submitters Sue Bates, Katherin McArthur, Carol Buehrle & Penny Opdyke

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