Duncan McArthur

[416] Father: John McArthur
Mother: Margaret Aiken

Family 1 : Susan McKeen
  1.  Silas McArthur
  2. +Daniel Duncan McArthur
  3.  Orange Niles McArthur
  4.  Washington Perry McArthur
  5.  Sarah Libby Elizabeth McArthur
  6.  Henry Morrow McArthur
  7.  Ira James McArthur
  8.  Emerline Jannette McArthur
  9.  Mary Jane McArthur
  10.  Annice Mariah McArthur
  11.  Margarette Roxana McArthur
  12.  Emma Lodorora McArthur
  13.  Suzan Armanda McArthur
  14.  Joseph Smith McArthur
Family 2 : Cynthia Nickols
Family 3 : Eliza Rebbeca Scovil
  1.  Celestial Eliza McArthur
  2.  Lury Loretta McArthur
  3.  Annie Ermine McArthur


[416] Duncan owned farms in Holland, Erie, New York, Scrubgrass County,
Pennsylvania and Hunter's Creek, New York. In the spring on 1838, Duncan
and Susan McArthur joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
and were cast away by neighbors and friends. Duncan was ordained an
elder and was appointed to preside over some of the Saints. Duncan
served a mission for 18 months in New York,
Vermont, Maine and Massachusetts. Duncan and his family journeyed west
with the Mormon pioneers and arrived in Salt Lake City in 1847 and
settled in Utah.

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