Charles Joseph McArthur

[517] Father: John K. McArthur
Mother: Mary Neagle

Family 1 : Mary Ella Jackson
  1. +William Edward McArthur
  2.  Marjorie Ella McArthur
  3. +Charles Kenneth McArthur
  4.  John Lycurgus McArthur


[517] Charles Joseph McArthur was baptised under the name Charles M'Carter.
There was no Roman Catholic church in Collingwood until 1880. Before that
time, a visting missionary would conduct services, generally in a pub
somewhere near 1st Street and Pine. There was a French preist from
Penitang, who spoke French and served the parish for special events. It
is likely that the spelling error was his. The baptismal record reads:
C. M'Carter. On the tenth day of August, one thousand eight hundred and
fifty seven baptised Charles M'Carter son to John M'Carter and Mary
Neagle. Collingwood. Age three days. Sponsor Mary Fascet (sp?). F.
Hobsin (sp?) Priest.

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