William Henry MacArthur

[1184] Father: Hugh MacArthur
Mother: Nellie Ramsay

Family 1 : Rebecca Pickering
  1.  Sophia MacArthur
  2. +Obediah J , MacArthur
  3. +James B. MacArthur
  4.  Hugh MacArthur
  5.  Malinda MacArthur
  6.  Mary Jane MacArthur
  7. +Artemus MacArthur
  8.  Arthur MacArthur
  9. +Hall Profit MacArthur
  10.  Ida Belle MacArthur
  11. +William MacArthur


[1184] William and Rebecca settled in Lot 11 prior to 1880, and possibly as
early as 1863 and farmed a 100 acre property at Freeland. Their farm was
situated along the Little Channel Road (Milligan's Sharf Road) adjacent
to the Lot 12 boundary line. This farm was later purchased by Robert W.
Morrison Sr. and afterwards by his nephew, Hugh J. Morrison. William was
a farmer and about 1885 moved with his family to Enmore and purchased the
former property of his half-brother (??) Alexander.

When William died in 1920 at the ripe old age of ninety-three a local
newspaper, The Summerside Journal, for April 7, 1920, wrote that...."He
lead a useful and industrious life. Being possessed with a talented
memory and a keen sense of humour, his reminiscence of the hardships of
the early settlers of Prince County was interesting to both old and
young..." His obituary in April 7, 1920 "Summerside Journal" , .. he
married Rebecca in 1856. It says "his wife preceded him three years ago"

Tom MacArthur
SOURCE: "Along the North Shore: A Social History of Township 11, PEI,
1765-1982" by C. Morrison, 1984, page 420.

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