James MacArthur

[159] Father: John 'Merino' MacArthur
Mother: Elizabeth Veal

Family 1 : Emily Stone
  1. +Elizabeth MacArthur


[159] Travelled with father and bro William to England in 1809 for education.
Trav to Continent
gaining knowledge of grapes, olives and mulberries. Ret to Sydney, NSW,
AUS in 1817 (Lord Eldon)..
Assisted with managet of Camden Park. To England again in 1836
(married 1838) returned to Sydney, NSW, AUS in 1839. Elective member of
Leg Council 1839 -1856 (see
Pioneer Families); MLA (Camden) 1856-59 Vis England 1860 as member of the
Statistical Congress and a Commissioner of the Exhibition of 1862

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