Gilbert MacArthur

[812] Father: Hugh MacArthur

Family 1 : Katherine (Kitty) Forbes
  1.  William MacArthur
  2. +Gilbert MacArthur
  3.  Margaret MacArthur
  4.  Amelia MacArthur


[812] Came to Rosebank, PEI in 1823, according to Meacham's Atlas of 1880.
Gilbert and Kitty settled on land opposite the Foy Road where they
cleared approximately one hundred acres. Source: Wandering Back; A
History of Dock, Hills River, Mill River and Rosebank.

"The 1809 survey of Lot 13 shows that Gilbert MacArthur was settled on
the above property. Gilbert MacArthur married Catherine (Kitty) Forbes.
The records of the Presbyterian Church reveal that they had three
children baptized as follows

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