Donald MacArthur

[98] Father: John (Iain Se˛ldair) MacArthur
Mother: Catherine MacDonald

Family 1 : Elizabeth Dykes McColl
  1.  John MacArthur
  2.  Elizabeth (Bessie) MacArthur
  3.  Katherine (Cathie) MacArthur
  4.  Mary (May) MacArthur
  5.  Nora MacArthur
  6. +Neil MacArthur
  7. +Donald MacArthur
  8.  Jean MacArthur
  9.  Annie (Molly) MacArthur
  10.  Phyllis MacArthur
  11.  Minnie MacArthur


[98] The younger of the Donalds, Donald MacArthur, 1871 - 1951. (D˛mnhall
left Scotland to work in the shipyards of Belfast. He settled in
Ireland and many years later when his sons and daughters visited Lewis
would recall how they had heard so much about Cleascro from their father
they almost thought of it as their own home.

According to Donalds' children's school and Christning records, he was
as a shipwright, a carpenter and a tradesman.

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