Beatrice Heather Grant

[118] Father: Robert Andrew Grant
Mother: Beatrice Culbert

Family 1 : Donald McColl MacArthur
  1. +John Alan MacArthur
  2. +Richard Phillip MacArthur
  3.  Neil Andrew MacArthur


[118] Maiden name was changed by deed poll from Douglas to Grant by Robert
Andrew the
father of Heather.

Heathers grand father was from Darlington in England.

Heathers granny Mrs Douglas was governess to the Frys chocolate family.

Heathers grand father worked for a large iron/steel works in Darlington.

Heathers mothers real mother was married to a man called (Robert ?)
they had four children, Beatrice, Elizabeth, Robert and Eileen.

Eileen married a man called Huggins and live in Yarmouth, Gorlston-on-sea.
They had a daughter.

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