The Qiyaam and Du'a

from the Maulud of Barzanji

translated by Shaykh Seraj Hendricks



The full moon has risen above us

With his rising all other moons were eclipsed.

The like of your beauty we have never seen
- the face of joy and rapture.

You are a sun, you are a full moon

You are light upon light

You are the great elixir of life

You are the flaming lamp of our breasts

O my beloved, O Muhammad.

You are the bridegroom of the East and
the West,

O you who enjoy divine support, O Muhammad;

O Imam of the two Qiblahs

He who sees your face is fortunate

O you of honoured parents.

Your pure and cool basin of water

will be our drinking place on the day of

We have never seen the camels - of
pedigreed stock - moved with compassion
except towards you.

The clouds shaded you

And the heavenly hosts poured their
praises upon you.

The tree-trunk approached you weeping

and humbled itself between your hands.

And the fleeing gazelles, O my beloved,
sought your protection.

When the caravans were set and ready

and the departure was announced;

I approached them with flowing tears

and said: "Hold a while, O guide, and
deliver for me a few letters".

O, such great yearning!

In that direction approach the dwellings at
night and in the early hours of the morning.

All things in the universe are in ecstasy
about you - O one with the resplendent

Their love for you is passionate -

A yearning and a longing.

In the presence of your spirit mankind

lay scattered and perplexed.

You are the seal of the prophets

and to your Master you remain thankful.

Your poor slaves O Allah are in need

of Your abundant and overflowing blessings.

Our thoughts about you (Muhammad)
remain good and pure -

O bearer of glad tidings, O warner
(of Mankind),

So help me (Allah) and protect me!

O Protector from the fire of hell.

O You who are our Helper and our Sanctuary
during times of calamity.

Happy is the slave who has felt the joy of

from grief and anxiety through you (Muhammad)
whose light is as manifest as the full moon.

To you belong the most excellent of qualities

None, in essence, is purer than you.

O grandfather of Hussain

Upon you are the blessings of Allah,

Perennially and across the ages,

O patron of Excellence!

O You who are of exalted stature

remove from us our sins

and forgive us our transgressions.

You are the great forgiver of errors and grave

You are the Concealer of sins

and the One who revokes our digressions

Knower of both the secret and the Inner

the (Answerer) of (our) prayers

My Lord, have mercy upon us all

through all that is righteous and good.

May the blessings of Allah be upon Ahmad

- blessings that equal the number of lines
ever written.

I praise the guided one Muhammad

The possessor of a face of light,

a face which glows with the brightness of the

- the night of his birth which was to the
Deen of Islam a joy and a celebration and
a day of pride.

A day on which the daughter of Wahb

attained a glory that no other woman has
ever attained.

And she went out to her people with even
more excellent

than that which Maryam the Virgin bore.

His birth, during the height of unbelief, was
a curse and a plague to the unbelievers.

But in a continuous succession of rapturous
joy the good news was proclaimed:

that Muhammad, the guided one, was born
and that happiness

and felicity had finally come.


Indeed it is considered commendable by scholars

of immense leaning and deep reflection

to stand at the mention of his noble birth.

Blessed are those whose reverence for him

(upon whom the peace and blessings of Allah

reside) is the object of their purpose and their

ultimate goal.

End of Qiyaam



O the Bestower of unbounded gifts.

O He who is sufficient for His slave when
he raises his hands to Him in prayer.

O He who is exalted in His Essence and
unique in His qualities;

to the extent that none can equal or rival

O He who is matchless in His sempiterna-
lity and His eternality.

O He in whom all hopes reside and in
whom all trust is vested.

O He upon whose everlasting power
humankind relies,

and guided, through His Grace, those who
sought His guidance.

We ask You through (the immensity) of
Your Sacred light

- a light that obliterated the darkness of

And we appeal to You through the noble
essence of Muhammad

- who is the last of the Prophets in his
physical manifestation and the first of
them in essence -

And through his Companions - the posses-
ors of guidance and greatness -

those who sacrificed their lives for the
sake of Allah, seeking (only) His grace and
His favour;

And through those who upheld His divine
law - the possessors of distinguished and
outstanding traits,

Those who rejoiced at the (smallest)
favours or blessings bestowed by Allah.

(Through all these we ask Allah) to grant
us success through our speech and
through our deeds which are rooted in the
sincerity of our intentions;

And to grant to all those present their
needs and their wishes;

And to free us from the bonds of (uncon-
trolled) desires and all diseases of the

And to fulfil for us some of the expecta-
tions which, through You, we are hopeful
of attaining.

And to be our support through every
calamity and misfortune.

Do not cause us to be of those who are
misled by their desires;

And bring within our reach the harvested
fruit of sound and correct belief,

And remove from us every sin that we
may have committed.

And adorn this assembly of ours with the
sublime gifts of Your treasury -

gifts of mercy and forgiveness. Let these
gifts remain with us forever as opposed to
those who turn, in their need, to other
than You.

O Allah, protect (us) from all frightful
things. Guide (our) leaders and establish
peace between them and those to whom
they are responsible.

Magnify and perpetuate the rewards of
those who have made it possible for (us)
to celebrate this day.

O Allah, confer upon this country and all
Muslim countries peace and productivity;

And confer upon us a rain whose flowing
waters will reach out to the undulating hills.

And grant forgiveness to the weaver of this
colourful tapestry woven in praise of the
birth of Muhammad;

Our Sayyid Jafar whose lineage extends to

Grant him success in drawing nearer to You (O Allah)
and fulfill for him his hopes and his aspirations,

And place him in the assembly of those
who have attained nearness to Allah.

Conceal his faults and his weaknesses and
his limitations.

Conceal the faults of the writer, the reader,
and he who listens to its recitation.

May the Peace, the Blessings, and the
Grace of Allah be upon him who was the
first to be receptive to the manifestation of
the Universal Truth;

And also upon his Companions who support and
protected him.

How delightful it has been for the ears
(of those who listened) to be adorned with
the glittering jewels of his sublime description.

And for the breasts of those who attended
this exalted celebration to be embellished
with the adornments of his elevated nature.

May the best and the most perfect blessings
and peace be upon him -

Our Master and our patron Muhammad
the Seal of the Prophets and the Messengers;

And also upon all of his Companions.

Beyond all description is your Lord - the
Lord of Power - from all that may be
ascribed to him.

May peace be upon all the Messengers..
and the (ultimate) praise belongs to Allah


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