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Sas Euharisto para poli paidia....



Taxidia stin Ellada

Please be advised that this page is also under construction...and we will be adding more content over time

If you are looking to travel to Greece soon, please visit the Tourist Guide of Greece for useful information on where to go and where to stay.  You can also click on the image below to take you there

Taxidia stin Kriti

Have you ever thought of visiting Crete?

It is an island steeped in history, adorned with golden beaches, framed with an azure blue sea, and offered to the world by the friendliness of its people.

If you want any information about Crete please visits our Cretan site H Kritiki Gonia for some really good info on Crete in General and Chania in particular....

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Olympic Airways

Are you thinking of going to Greece and want to experience Greek hospitality from the minute you step onto the plane?

Then visit the Olympic Airways site (by clicking on the logo and title above) to get information about:

1. Flight schedules

2. Information on passports, visas, baggage etc...


Kalo Taxidi...kai 

Kali Diaskedasi stin Ellada....


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This is a great site to find information about any hotel in on the logo....

You can search by location, category etc. and gives you rates for each hotel....

All the hotels in Greece

Kales diakopes

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Click Here!