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5/10/2008 - Back from the Bush!

Following my win in the Getaway Gallery last year, I was awarded some really great prizes. First was a Fujifilm S5 Pro digital SLR which I received in March, courtesy of Teltron. Second was two nights at Mashatu game reserve in Botswana and two nights at Mala Mala game reserve in Mpumalanga, courtesy of the Rattray Group. I decided it was time for a break and disappeared into the bush, well, sort of... (Read More)

1/9/2008 - Is there anybody home?

I can scarcely believe how fast the time has flown by. It has been 5 months since my trip to Raja Ampat and no news or photos in the interim. I have not done much diving since then for a number of reasons. My CCR spent 8 weeks out of commission for its 18 month overhaul and I have concentrated on my surfski training for the summer surfski race series. More recently I suffered a stress fracture of the hip and a herniated L5/S1 disc so there went the race series and a lot more besides.

19/4/2008 - Return from Raja Ampat...

It was back to reality last week with my return from paradise and getting back to work. I had 5 days diving with Eco Divers in the Lembeh Straits and 5 days with Papua Diving in Raja Ampat. Click HERE for a short trip report.

16/3/2008 - My D300 housing has arrived.

I originally bought one of the first Nikon D300's to arrive in Cape Town, way back in November 2007. Since then I sold my Subal D70 housing and won a Fuji S5 Pro camera. This left me with 3 digital SLR camera's and no housing and therefore no means of getting them underwater. Since I am leaving for an underwater photography trip in Indonesia over easter this was obviously going to be problematic, but Dive Action pulled out all the stops and my Subal D300 housing arrived last weekend. (Read More).

2/3/2008 - 5 shipwrecks in 1 dive!!!

The weekend past was one of the finest of the year for me in weather terms. I had a water weekend of note, ending with an amazing dive on the Smitswinkel Bay wrecks on Sunday morning in almost tropical conditions, with no wind, no swell, 20m vis and 19 degree celcius water temperatures. (Read More).

24/2/2008 - A sad day at Cape Infanta!

This weekend past saw the death by flooding of a legend, my Canon S45! I have used this camera underwater on and off for 6 years without out so much as a drop of water getting into the housing, but on Saturday experienced a complete and catastophic flood... every underwater photographer's nightmare. (Read More).

10/2/2008 - What else can go wrong?

Yesterday I had one of those dives where I started to wonder if some higher power was trying to prevent me from taking pictures underwater. (Read More).

8/2/2008 - So how strong is the wind?

The SE has visited Cape Town with a vengeance these past two weeks. The Roman Rock weather station has recorded constant SE winds averaging over 30 knots for days on end, with gusts easily reaching 45 knots. There was a brief respite last Sunday morning as a weak front passed over the city bringing a fresh NW wind and some rain, but the SE was back by the same evening, reasserting itself as the dominant force in nature’s weather arsenal for the season. As a paddler and diver I tend to keep a close eye on the weather (my wife complains that her entire life is “weather dependant”!) and these last two weeks have been something special, even in a city with such a reputation for the SE that we even have a name for it! (Read More)...

3/2/2008 - Downgraded but happy...

During my trip to Komati Springs Don's wife Andre made an offer on my Subal D70 housing. She already had a D70s and wanted only the housing. Thus done and signed, last week I posted off the housing with a tear in my eye. I have taken many thousands of pictures with that rig and was sad to see it go (albeit to a good home!) Since my D300 housing does not arrive for some time this leaves me with my original digital camera, the Canon S45 compact together with OEM housing, Inon wide angle lens and strobe. (Read more)...

2/2/2008 - A paddle nearly gone wrong!

I’ve done the Miller’s to Simonstown probably about 25 times and in some wild conditions, and thought that the Millers to Fish Hoek would be not much different with the exception of the added mental pressure from being far offshore and there being no bounce back from the harbour wall. It’s also a bit longer, being 12km as opposed to 9km. Well I could not have been more wrong... (Read More).

12/1/2008 - A flight over the Waaihoekberge.

My brother took me for a flight over the Matroosberg mountain range in Ceres this morning and the scenery was just breathtaking. Click HERE for some of the pics.

1/1/2008 - New Year's Dive at Infanta...

I have just returned from my annual holiday at Cape Infanta and had some fantastic diving. Giant poenskop (black musselcracker), yellowtail, beautiful reef and of course the raggies were there in abundance and once again I was reminded of how fortunate I am to have exposure to this place. The photos can be seen HERE.

22/12/2007 - Getaway Gallery Photo of the Year

My first ever entry to the Getaway Gallery (see below) has won the Getaway Gallery Photo of the Year for 2007. Along with a couple of nights at Mala Mala game reserve in Mpumalanga and a couple of nights at Mashatu game reserve in Botswana, I have won the latest Fuji Digital SLR. Obviously I'm really chuffed to have won and while the prizes are great its the recognition that is the greatest reward for the time and effort spent. See photo HERE.

14/12/2007 - Komati Springs Calling...

This past week saw me driving to Mpumalanga to dive in a flooded asbestos mine with the rather poetic name of "Badgat", located at Komati Springs. Together with several friends I completed a cave diving course with Don Shirley and it was a real eye opening experience... (Read More).

21/11/2007 - Awesome Cape weekend...

The weather gods were certainly kind to Cape Town this weekend with awesome diving conditions thanks to the strong SE winds. On Saturday I went snorkeling at Cape Maclear in the Cape Point Nature Reserve, and after obtaining the first crayfish of the season I took some pictures with my old Canon compact camera. The results were great and reinforce the point that you do not always need the latest and greatest camera! On Sunday I dived on the Tafelberg reef and it was basket star heaven. On this dive I took my faithful D70. Both sets of photos can been seen HERE.

1/11/2007 - Nikon D70 & Subal Housing for sale

The time has finally come when I have decided to upgrade my camera system. I've decided to treat myself to the soon to be released Nikon D300. I've agonised over the question of whether or not it's worth upgrading, and what advantages I'll gain for the extra money spent. Ultimately it's the high ISO performace of the D300 for deep (50m plus) wreck ambient light photography that I'm after, and while the D70 more than performs in most areas, this is one area where technolgy has made a significant leap forward. The result is that the following items are now for sale... (Read More).

29/10/2007 - Cape Town School of Photography

I have never had any formal training or education in terms of photographic skills and ability. Everything I have done todate has been self taught through extensive reading and lots of trial and error (note: buying expensive camera kit does not indemnify you against taking terrible photos!). When my wife and some mutual friends expressed an interest in doing an entry level course at the Cape Town School of Photography (CTSP) I thought I would join them and discover just how good or bad my knowledge of the basic fundamentals was, and see if I could learn something new. This is a 10 week course (click HERE for details) and we are currently 3 weeks into the syllabus. Click HERE for a gallery of my assignment photos. I would highly recommend this course to anyone staring out. I wish I had done this a long time ago as it would have saved me a lot of time spent "experimenting"!

19/9/2007 - Getaway Red Sea Photo Competition

Prior to our Red Sea trip in May, Dave Bristow (the then editor of Getaway) decided to hold a competition for the best photos taken on the trip. With renowned photographers Geoff Spiby and Tony Makin on board, the competition was always going to be pretty stiff. Judges were Justin Fox and Dave Bristow. The winners were: Abstract - Geoff Spiby, Macro - Geoff Spiby, Wide Angle - Jean Tresfon, Above Water - Monique Tresfon and Digital enhanced - Geoff Spiby. An article on the trip can been seen in the October 2007 edition of Getaway and the images are HERE on the Getaway website or in the GALLERY on this site.

17/9/2007 - The General Botha...

Yesterday saw us diving the General Botha (1947) and I had my first chance to try my ambient light photography skills on a relatively deep wreck (56m). It was an overcast day and the surface water was dirty so there was not a lot of light on the wreck. Having said that the visibility on the bottom was good and I was very impressed at how the D70 habdled the low light levels. The technique... wide open aperture, slowest possible handheld shutter speed and high ISOs. Click HERE for the results.

2/9/2007 - Coastal helicopter flight.

On the occasion of my brother's birthday he decided to do a 2hr flight and invited me to take the photos. The route was Airport - Paarl - Bainskloof Pass - Worcester Valley - Brandvlei Dam - Tweewaterskloof Dam - Grabouw - Palmiet Dam - Kogelberg Reserve - Betty's Bay - Gordons Bay - Muizenberg - Airport. See HERE for the photos.

21/8/2007 - Divers always have daughters!

Today saw the birth of my first child, a beautiful blue-eyed baby daughter. Now I need to find out where to buy an XXXXS wetsuit. See HERE for the pics..

13/8/2007 - 1st Getaway Gallery Entry

This month saw my first entry into the Getaway Gallery being published as one of the winning shots. The photo can be seen on the Getaway site by clicking HERE, or on this site HERE.

9/7/2007 - Playing around with B&W.

Yesterday I attempted further ambient light shots using the Magic filter, but this time going past the rated depth of 25m and working at 32m. From a colour point of view the experiment was a failure, so I've had to convert the images to B&W. I'd forgotten how striking these images can be. A couple of examples can be seen here.

3/7/2007 - Greenwater Magic Filters.

I asked a friend to send me one of Peter Rowland & Alex Mustard's new "Greenwater Magic" filters to try out. I had low expectations but (wow) was I suprised... (Read More)

30/6/2007 - Helicopter Ride.

I know this is supposedly an underwater images site, but I was so excited at my second ever helicopter trip and my first over the peninsula, that I had to post some images. My brother is a newly qualified helicopter pilot so I should be doing more of this in the future. See GALLERY for pics...

14/5/2007 - Return from Southern Red Sea.

I've just arrived back from a 10 day trip to the Southern Red Sea. A group of us visited all the famous sites, the Brothers Islands, Daedalus & Elphinstone reefs, the Dolphin House and many others... (Read More)

20/3/2007 - Infanta just got even better!

I decided to spend last weekend at Cape Infanta and invited fellow photographer and rebreather diver Ken Strickland to join me. What a dive!... (Read More)

9/1/2007 - Infanta at it's best.

I've just returned from a fantastic Christmas break at Cape Infanta, a hamlet at the mouth of the Breede River. There is a reef there called "The Rif", a truly spectacular dive with large structure and multitudes of marine life. On one dive we saw raggies, yellowtail, musselcracker, bronze whalers, red romans, yellowbelly's and numerous others, not to mention the spectacular corals. I met Dave Moldenhauer and Carol Marsden who had their 1st dives on the Rif, and were well impressed. See the Gallery Page for the photos...

1/12/2006 - The YBOD has landed!

Finally my new Inspiration rebreather has arrived in Cape Town, and I have already managed to take it for a spin. The dive conditions were not great, but what an awesome machine. (YBOD = yellow box of debt). The next step is the CCR Trimix course, but I first need to complete 50hrs on the unit.

9/9/2006 - Completed CCR Course.

The biggest Inspiration Rebreather course to be held in Africa took place last week in CapeTown. I was fortunate enough to take part, to satisfy my curiosity about these "death machines"... (Read More)

2/8/2006 - Dungeons hits 70ft!!!

On Sunday 30th July, a few days after the Red Bull Big Wave Africa competition, Dungeons was cranking. A few brave souls were towed in for the surf of their lives... (Read More)

30/7/2006 - Great White bites surfski.

On friday evening a great white took a huge bite out of a surfski, when a group of five paddlers was just 20m from the rocks at Fish Hoek beach... (Read More)

21/7/2006 - Website goes live!

After much procrastinating I have finally managed to create this website and put my pictures online... The task was actually not as hard as I thought it might be, considering that I am not an IT guru, but rather a humble brick seller!

9/7/2006 - Return from Indonesia.

We arrived back today from 2 weeks in Indo. We had 5 days diving at Lembeh Straits (staying at the Kungkungan Resort) and 5 days diving in Bunaken National Park (staying at Tasik Ria Resort). The sheer biodiversity was beyond anything I have ever seen anywhere else. See the Gallery Page for photos.