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NEWS - Dungeons hits 70ft...

Here’s what Spike from wavescape had to say:

According to Greg Long and Twiggy Baker, backed by some of the local tow crew, Dungeons was the biggest it has ever been yesterday, with legitimate 30-50 foot waves being towed into. One wave, which rumour has it will easily take the XXL this year, had a wave face of 70 feet.

The ous are blabbering incoherently about this one. A couple of guys, including Mavericks charger Grant Washburn, tried to paddle it and all are relieved to be alive today. Another opinion is that these are some of the largest waves ever ridden, if not the largest, beating Mike Parsons 66' wave face at Cortes Bank.

This is HUGE news across the surfing community worldwide and slowly starting to spread…..unbelieveble…

No pics have been released yet, everyone is waiting for them…

I have spoken to Twiggy, Grant Washburn, Nico, Simon, and they are totally awestruck by their experiences yesterday (Sunday afternoon).

Grant calls it 35 feet, but the others say that's conservative, with individual waves in the 40-50' range. They all concur that the biggest wave was probably ridden by Greg Long and it had a wave face of at least 70 feet, if not more. They're looking at the pictures today. Greg said that they were the biggest waves he has ever ridden, including Jaws, Mavs etc.

Simon says they were the biggest waves of his life, and most of them were 10 times over his head (that's 6' 6" x 10 = 70 feet)

A few of us were surfing biggish Factory - there were 12' sets maybe the odd bigger one - while they were towing Dungeons. On the drive home at about 4.30 pm the seas were absolutely monstrous. The white water stretched almost as far as the eye can see behind the Kom area!

I am pretty convinced that the pictures that come out of this are going to really blow people's minds. Been trying ALL DAY to get a pic out of them, but they're holding em close to their chests!!!

Mike Goldby managed to get some shots with a Canon compact at 10 x digital zoom from on top of the Sentinel. By his own admission the quality is not great since a compact was not really designed for long range telephoto, but they give you an idea of the size.

Check out Mike's other shots at http://yblogza.com/album/bwa/album.html