Underwater Images
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ABOUT - Jean Tresfon's Photo Profile...

My first attempts at underwater photography began with a 2nd hand Nikonos V, with the 35mm lens and close-up kit. I successfully managed to flood the Nikonos in the Red Sea in 2001.

Early in 2002 I made the switch to digital with a CANON Powershot S45 compact and an OEM plastic housing. This was soon followed by the purchase of an INON wide angle attachment lens and two external strobes, a SEA & SEA YS-25DX and an INON D180. I flooded this system in early 2008.

Late in 2004 I purchased a NIKON D70 and a SUBAL housing. This was quite a substantial investment as I was starting from scratch with no existing ports or lenses. I also purchased a NIKON SB800 speedlight which I housed in a SUBAL housing. My most used lenses underwater are the 60mm & 105mm macro lenses, and the 10.5mm fisheye, all from NIKON.

I now have a NIKON D300 as well as a Fujifilm S5 Pro and again went for a SUBAL housing used with a single SB800..