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NEWS - Return from the Southern Red Sea!

A group of 19 of us have just returned from a trip to the Southern Red Sea. Among our numbers were well known Cape Town underwater photographers Geoff Spiby and Tony Makin, as well as Dave Bristow, editor of "Getaway" magazine.

We did a tour called "Simply the Best" which took us to all the famous sites in the area, the most well known of which were the Brothers Islands, Daedalus Reef, Elphinstone Reef and the Dolphin House. We stayed on the "Emperor Majesty", a liveaboard owned by Emperor Divers. The boat is a real five-star affair and we were treated to every luxury. The diving was superb and the weather played ball and was absolutely perfect.

The only down side was that even now, in the low season, every site was very busy. There were 8 liveaboards moored at Big Brother, the same at Little Brother, around 5 liveaboards at Daedalus and again around 5 at Elphinstone. At the Dolphin House there were at least 25 boats and unsuprisingly no dolphins. At some times the shear volume of divers in the water at any one time made such noise that those rarer wildlife sightings were just not possible.

The crowds notwithstanding we had a great trip, and I have posted some of the pictures in a new GALLERY. Due to the nature of the pictures (lots of pelagic and other wide angle shots) the small format of the pics in the Gallery does not really do them justice. These pics need to be seen in the original large format... Since beggars can't be choosers, you're stuck with these for now!

My favourite image from the trip is this one, which shows a large school of big dog-tooth tuna swimming out of the sunset on a late evening dive off the north end of Big Brother Island.

Dave Bristow has announced that Getaway will be holding a competition for the best images from the trip, with the winner having their portfolio published in the July issue of the magazine. I will definitely be entering, watch this space!!!