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NEWS - Infanta just got even better!

I decided to spend last weekend at Cape Infanta and invited fellow photographer and rebreather diver Ken Strickland to join me. I have been to Infanta many times to dive, only to find the conditions not suitable. I thought that we would be lucky to get in the water, but apparently Ken is a luckier man than I!

We arrived on Friday night and did a drive past the slipway to check the sea conditions. The water was flat, clean & blue. A boat was being recovered and we chatted to the crew who had been diving close to our spot, and they reported excellent visibility and minimal swell.

We spent the evening kitting up the boat, dive gear and of course the cameras. In fact we almost forgot to eat, with all the excitement based on past experience of the phenomenal diving at this spot. Saturday morning dawned grey and rainy, but the sea conditions were great. There were four of us diving but no skipper, so we dived two up and two down. The first two divers reported seeing a huge raggie, and Ken and I could barely wait to kit up.

Then it was our turn and what a dive! Schools of yellowtail, geelbeck, baitfish, raggies, a large yellowbelly and beautiful reef, not to mention 20m viz and 24 degree water. What more could you ask for?

The shot above is my favourite of the day. There were so many baitfish that I could hardly see Ken kneeling on the sand just 2m away from me. Suddenly a hole open in the baitfish and the raggie swam through, a magical moment I was lucky to capture. This and the other photos have been added to the previous Cape Infanta Gallery.

Ken and I are due to return over Easter 2007, watch this space...!