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NEWS - Gear for sale...

The time has finally come when I have decided to upgrade my camera system. In fact, I'm hugely happy with the Subal housing and it's only the camera I want to upgrade but alas the new camera will not fit into my existing housing.

I've decided to treat myself to the soon to be released Nikon D300. Together the new camera and housing will cost almost triple what I'm asking for my current system and I've agonised over the question of whether or not it's worth upgrading, and what advantages I'll gain for the extra money spent. Ultimately it's the high ISO performace of the D300 for deep (50m plus) wreck ambient light photography that I'm after, and while the D70 more than performs in most areas, this is one area where technolgy has made a significant leap forward.

The result is that the following items are now for sale:

Subal ND70 Housing for Nikon D70
GS magnified viewfinder
Dual bulkheads: 1 x 6 pin wired for SB800, 1 x 5 pin Nikonos
Extra T-Plate flash mounting
Bought new in 2004 for USD 4,225 / ZAR 27,456

NB. Port shown in photo not included!

Nikon D70
Firmware upgrade to D70s
Nikkor AF 18-70mm Zoom Lens
2 x 256mb CF cards
All original software, manuals, cables & original packaging
Bought new in 2004 for USD 1,815 / ZAR 11,811

USD 3,075
EUR 2,115
GBP 1,475
ZAR 20,000

Excluding shipping & insurance etc. Anyone interested can email me at wetphoto@hotmail.com

This is less than half what I paid for the rig just over 3 years ago. The Subal ND70 housing alone still retails new for GBP 2,699 or ZAR 36,500 at Ocean Optics in London.

Click here to view the Subal ND70 Housing on the manufacturer's website. Click here to see a review of the Nikon D70 on the DP Review website.

Many examples of photos taken with this system can be seen in the GALLERY.